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Female fat loss

I’m trying to lose weight I’ma female 5’6 weighting at 179 I’ve recently started going to the gym and lift weights and do some cardio my goal is to lose fat and get pretty ripped but have no idea how much protein or calories (or how to gain muscle).
’m supposed to eat please help it would be greatly appreciated

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there is a lot of diet programs out there and most don't work. its not your fault.

change your lifestyle
Keep it super simple at the beginning. Focus on eating whole single ingredient foods like eggs, beef, chicken, raw fruits and veggies, nuts, etc.
Losing weight depends mostly on nutrition, being in a caloric deficit. Burning energy and getting more muscles (which burn more energy) helps. So basically any program that gets your heartrate up and you enjoy enough to stick to for a long time (multiple times a week) will do. And remember it takes time to see progress (you probably didn’t gain the weight in 6 weeks either ). If you really out of your energy quickly, you can use supplement that can help with this. i've used horny goat weed from vital herbal for over 2 months, very pleased with it. something that actually works. u can try it