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favorite whey protein flavor


New member
I’m a big vanilla flavor guys but I also am into chocolate. There is some unique flavors I am seeing popping up out there. How do they make the whey protein taste so damn good like ice cream anyway while also building up muscle and being so lean? And what are your favorite protein flavors
My favorite whey protein was from n2bm, the taste was amazing wish they got it back
these days I use isolate
I don’t like all the creamy flavors. I mostly drink it post work out. At that time I am hot and want some thing refreshing.
So I’ll use a non flavor or a vanilla. Add BCAA fruit punch.
Some time vanilla with an orange flavor and test like dream sickle.
Of course it is easy for them to make all the cream flavors since it’s a milk product to start with. I just don’t like the heavy milk shake taste at that time.
In the past I used N2BM protein, but ever since they stop sales, I start using veggie protein and high quality meats
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