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Fat loss, Mod GRF 1-29 + Ipamorelin + T3?


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I have been lifiting for around 7 years now. I am nothing impressive really, 5'10'', 80kg (175lbs) and around 7-8% fat (skin fold calipers).

My goal is to loose more fat. Lean body mass gain would be welcome, but it's secondary.

I have my hands on a bottle of T3 (that I may try to use without AAS at low dose (max 50mcg) first, and see if it's catabolic enough to really dig into my muscle mass too much.

BUT, I am also looking at buying (I have suppliers etc,I just need to decide to buy them) Mod GRF 1-299 (CJC-1295 without DAC) and Ipamorelin

- Does T3 can be added with a GHRH / GHRP combo?
- If fat loss is the aim, would the morning injection, on empty stomach of GHRH / GHRP / T3 combo + Fasted 45 min cardio will help loose fat and spare my muscle? in Other words, the GH release make muscle breakdown impossible?
The lower your fat % the more likely your metabolism is to eat some muscle when you diet. An AAS can talk it into eating just fat but as far as I know peptides won't force that.
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