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Approved Log Euro-Pharmacies Clenbuterol injectable mini-log

compared to this winter, bulk phase, weight has dropped by 13 pounds.
in just 4 days under clenbuterol....and diet of course... I "lost" over 3 lbs.
And, based of that recent photo, lean as f**k
breakfast time

Day 6

It gets hotter and hotter and shaking more and more for at least a good hour post-injection.

I love clen. Next order I'll take no less than 5 bottles.

I thought I'd finish this one, wait 10 days and then do another 10 days at the same dosage.

Later maybe I'll try two classic weeks with higher dosages, but for now that I only have two bottles and I think I'll take them as mentioned above
I've already put 5 vials in my cart, ready for my next order.
...maybe 5 are few..let's make 7
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