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napsgeargenezapharmateuticals domestic-supplypuritysourcelabsSarms for SaleUGFREAKeudomestic Pharmacom Labs restock!

[FONT=&quot]One of my favorite brands! This is great news! I will definitely start it for TRT... As much I like Ultima, Pharmacom is one of my favorites! [/FONT]
Hello everyone!

We are Glad to announce Pharmacom Labs restock!
Currently those products are ready to ship USA domestic!
Pharma TestE300
Pharma TestE500
Pharma TestC250
Pharma Prim100
Pharma TrenA100

Soon other products will be restocked as well)

I was just thinking of when pharmacom would be in stock. i am so happy this is here
i love all the brands at domestic supply but having more options makes it sweeter
[FONT=&quot]Another amazing restock from the best place on the planet! Domestic Supply shows time and time again why they are the very best! [/FONT]
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