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Does Clen Make you Hungry ?

I am just starting my first ever cycle of clen. I got a solid incremental plan for the initial cycle but am confused on dosages for second cycle. Do I really need to start all the way over at low dosage on second go around? Seems a little bit of a waste. Or do I just revamp at my highest tolerable dose from first cycle?
you can start at 40 or 60mcg and then work up
clen dosing is dependent on each individual person
at this point we know nothing about you so not sure how we can help you without a log
It would be foolish to give you any sort of advice when we know nothing about your training or your diet in the first place
can you please get a log going?
Check out the other logs on here and look at the changes to their physique
they posted their before and after pictures that's what you need to do

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clen dose from before was what?
we know nothing about you
please start your log asap
the nice thing about clen or any fat burner is you can adjust your dosage as you go along
that is the idea behind a log Journal where we can help you get the most out of your cycle
we need to see your full stats, full training and full diet
otherwise you are wasting your time
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