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Do you want to become a sponsor of Elite Fitness?

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George Spellwin

The Architect
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Dear business owner,

Elite Fitness is currently its 20th year of operation and going strong. Google Analitycs puts our traffic at over 1,500,000 unique monthly visitors. We are now opening our website to new advertisers of all kinds. We have a new feature that will allow you to advertise your brick-n-mortar physical location to EF visitors in your area. Through our advanced software, we are able to show your banners to only those people who come from your selected geographical location. This is a perfect solution for Gyms and Stores looking for walk-in customers.

If you are an internet store and conduct business online, we can provide yo a very comprehensive package to meet your needs..

If you are a member, please send me a Private Message or
send us an e-mail at: [email protected]

*We have a screening process for all of our sponsors.
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