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DNP Allergic reaction?


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Hello everyone! My name is Nick. Long time dweller, first time poster. So here's the deal:

I've been in my 7th day of 600mg ED DNP and yesterday night i've got a bad case of rashes/small bumbs beneath the skin, like mosquito bites. The more i scratched, the itcher it gets. Also my feet and hands are swollen, joints and flesh. Walking barefoot has become somewhat painful but it subsides after a few minutes standing.
Im not really certain if it's the DNP or some other allergen though and im trying to pin it down.
(This is the first time in my life that i have an allergic reaction to anything so it's hard to pinpoint the allergen.)
For now I discontinued the DNP cycle.
Anyone else got the same symptoms while on DNP?
Nop. Second one. 400mg ED for 1st and 2nd day and 600mg ED afterwards until day 7th.

Im almost certain it's the DNP since I ruled out almost every other possible allergens plus there's the detail that when i showered yesterday the itching went away. Now that I haven't showered in 20hours and probably got a little sweaty during the day, my skin's on fire again so I assume it's the DNP that was secreted along with sweat.
Having water retention is absolutely normal on DNP. Now about the rashes, its quite weird, given its your second run and you didnt have anything like this in the first one.

Was the batch/supplier the same?
The supplier was the same. This time i wasn't so careful with my body so that could be a reason. I already had a cold. I have ruled out all other factors but one: Freakin' mosquitoes.
Now, two days later i feel much better. Still some itchyness and somewhat swollen but energy is slowly coming back.

As a note to everybody, i've read around the internet that DNP rashes along with the other symptoms of allergy is a somewhat common thing at higher doses. I can't be 100% sure that it's the DNP but still for the next time i'll have in mind that this *might* happen.
I am glad you are feeling better. DNP is very hard on the body. Your body can develop symptoms similar to an allergic reaction when using high dosages.

I suspect your problem is because you increased your dosage to 600mg/day this cycle. I would reduce your dosage back to 400mg/day.
Sincerely, I don't think it is an allergy, and it is rather a result of the stress your body is sufferring when using DNP. Our body is a very complicated mechanism, and it can react to different stress situations in quite unpredictable ways, being your rashes on of these manifestations. I would rather consider it as a signal that your body is having a hard time.
Best thing you can do is stop taking DNP. It is an extremely harsh compound and is not safe for fat loss. I suspect you need to do some work with your diet and training. If you already ran DNP and still need to run it again it sounds like you are having trouble getting lean. Look to the diet for your solution.
Hey everyone. So update: It's been 4 days and a lil' more since my last dosage. Allergy symptoms are not completelly away but they seem to flare up whenever im eating fast-acting sugars (noticed on 3-4 different occasions when I had a donut, pizza or something similar.).
Cold symptoms (cough, intense joint pains, slight muscle pains)
Slightly constricted brochi for a day
Still somewhat bloated.

Tomorrow im visiting hospital for a blood test just to be sure. Im fairly sure im just fine though.
Will keep updating until the point the symptoms go away completelly, just in case someone ever walks in my shoes in the future. :D

Btw thanks for your answers everyone!
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