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    How to eat on DNP

    So i have been using DNP for the past week and following the low calorie strategy of 500cals a day Today i had 2 slices of pizza for dinner (250 calories each) and I immediately started to break out in a sweat and my heart started racing do you think that it's because of the high carbs hitting...
  2. T

    need help setting up my sarms

    where is dylan when you need him lol? I’m 6’2’’ and 180 pounds my goal is recomp I’ve got ostarine mk, testosterone, DNP, and gw cardarine on hand can you help me set up dosages, too much conflicting info
  3. D

    Using DNP low dose

    I’m looking to lose some fat and want to use DNP female I’m 5’8’’ 144 pounds Not sure on body fat but i need to lose about 25 pounds What is the best way to lose this excess fat on my body and how do i use DNP to help me get there? I know the dangers but i am desperate because i am...
  4. Z

    dnp for females?

    Have any females tried using DNP and how did that work out for you? I am 5’1’’ and 165 pounds. I have always been a bit overweight even though I did a lot of gymnastics and even did cheerleading when I was younger. I am desperate to lose some fat quickly, should I run it 500mg a day for 4 weeks?
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    supplement like DNP?

    I am looking for a strong fat burner like DNP that isn't dangerous to use. I have used DNP already and my tongue and skin like turned yellow and it made me very ill. my bed sheets would be yellow where i slept overnight. it gave me great results anyway. i need something natural and safe but...
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    Using dnp as obese female

    Hello, I know I'm going to get the typical 'get off your ass' kinda response but whatever. I'm 210 lbs and 5'7, I don't exactly know my BF but I thinks its around 30. I tried to go to the gym before, and am currently walking 1 hour a day. I wanna use DNP, but I was wondering what your advice...
  7. N

    DNP Allergic reaction?

    Hello everyone! My name is Nick. Long time dweller, first time poster. So here's the deal: I've been in my 7th day of 600mg ED DNP and yesterday night i've got a bad case of rashes/small bumbs beneath the skin, like mosquito bites. The more i scratched, the itcher it gets. Also my feet and...
  8. R

    DNP - not feeling the heat

    I'm currently on day 5 of my first DNP cycle (day1: 100mg, 2+:200mg split dose) and bar about an hours worth of warm hands/flushed face on the first day I am feeling nothing. Anyone have any experience of DNP not really doing much? I even ate a chocolate bar and a massive plate of potatoes and...
  9. T

    DNP Cycle- Need Guidance

    Hello friends, I'd like to start by saying i have done A LOT of research on DNP, and after doing this research, I decided to do a 2 week cycle@500 mg ED. At the start, I was 212. By the end, I weighed 198. I have been off for one week, and I just stepped on the scale, and I'm at 215! Although my...
  10. S

    Need help DNP water retention!

    Hey guys this is my first thread on this site, thanks for having me :) okay so roughly 3 weeks ago i jumped on my first DNP cycle (later of which i regretted not having sibutramine or any potent appetite suppressant) Day 1-3 200mg ED Day 4-6 400mg ED (split twice daily) Day 6-12 600mg ED...
  11. F

    DNP log and results

    I thought I would start a log to document my experience with DNP. I've spend a lot of time looking at other logs and I find them to be helpful and a little entertaining ha ha. I'm running 250mg crystalline DNP x2 /day for approx. 10-14 days. A common occurrence I've seen in previous threads is...
  12. A

    750 mg crystal dnp

    Hello all o yous. Hope you're having a lovely day. Just to make it short and very clear - I've done a few cycles through the years and I am quite familiar with dnp and my own body/tolerance. I have tried 1g crystal for a week, and it was doable. But 750 crystal (600 powder) feels good to me...
  13. J

    Question about GW, EC, DNP

    If per say someone was going to run DNP for 10 days would it be safe for this person to run GW as well and should they run Ephedrine with caffeine or just Ephedrine. (If this talk is against the rules, Mods just lock the post please)
  14. B

    DNP Source?

    Hi everybody. Before anybody bashes me or gives me a lecture on the substance, I WILL NOT BE USING IT, AND DON'T EVER PLAN TO. I'm a scrawny geek who will probably die if I lose any weight, lol. I know it's used by professional bodybuilders and thought what other place to ask than a bodybuilding...
  15. D

    Test, hgh, dnp..

    Hey EF, I'm looking to use these three drugs, the best way possible, for optimal fatloss/recomp... I'm currently on test e 600mg EW and have 8 weeks to go.. I've concluded that dnp and hgh don't mix too well, any inputs on this? I've used BodyOpus before with good results, while on test only...
  16. P

    DNP all the side effects, no weight loss

    ignore Hi all, edit: my bad
  17. J

    DNP weekday only cycle

    Right, I've been browsing forums for a few years and have good results in cycle history. I have researched DNP for a few years now and have a successful cycle under my belt. I was wondering though, if doing 500mg crystalline DNP mon-fri for say 3-4 weeks would work? I'll post before and after...
  18. B

    L-Carnitine & DNP ?

    Now I'm not really sure how to start this thread since it's a chain of complex questions, so I'll just provide a few statements and then ask a few logical questions. I'd be grateful if people here with greater experiences and basic knowledge of biochemistry can clear them up for me...
  19. P

    DNP and carb depletion

    Hi guys I am planning to start a XXX cycle. This is my first cycle and I have never used it before. I have searched many forums and I see that some say it is best to carb deplete for 3 days before taking XXX, whilst others say it is not needed. What do guys think? Thanks in advance. Kind...
  20. D

    Prop, DNP, Winny Cutting Cycle

    I am looking for critiques on my upcoming cutting cycle. Have only done strength/mass cycles in the past but with summer coming up I'm looking to cut down. Weeks 1-8: Test Prop. @ 500mg every Monday and Thursday Weeks 1-8: Winstrol(Orals) @ 50mg ED Week 3(Approx): DNP @ 100mg ED Week...
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