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Diet while running Var: FEMALE


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Finishing 2nd week of Var 10mg twice a day. Plan to do 7 weeks. I gained 6lbs after first week and nothing this week but notice improved strength and more muscle definition. I have a higher bf% and initially started this cycle to lean out while keeping my strength but I'm unclear if I should be eating slightly below TDEE or well below if I primarily want to cut... If I'm better off using this to bulk more I can cut afterward. My diet definitely needs improvement - still my biggest struggle. I eat 1g per lb protein but my carbs run about 200g. I'm 5'8, 39 years old and currently 220lbs eating around 1800 cal a day. I strength train 5 days a week very intense and out lift guys half my age at the gym. I like my strength I have a competitive powerlifting background but really want to lose the fatsuit this year. There's a super hot very muscular body under there I'd like too show off for my 40th birthday in several months.
Any suggestions/ advice appreciated.
20 mgs of var is WAY too high!! Var is not a fat loss drug. It is a male hormone and you can and will likely gain weight with it. Men use it for cutting and a lot of female competitors would to preserve muscle mass on lower calorie intakes but it's primary reason for use is to build muscle.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend a cycle to anyone with a higher bf. It further complicates sides. At 20 mgs you run a higher risk of side effects.

If you're going to continue, I'd drop it back to 5 or 10 a day and eat 500 below maintenance. The answer is in your diet and we can help you dial it in.
I understand. I looked at dosage per lb body weight and calculated that 20mg for me would be the therapeutic equivalent. My friend did 7 weeks and gained 10 lbs but dropped 3 dress sizes. Already I look leaner and my skin has tightened up. Honestly I'm happy with what's going on so far besides a bit of acne showing up but I struggle with that anyway.

Diet is key. That's why I was wondering if I would be better off in the long run to just eat at TDEE and go crazy building muscle mass then do a hardcore cut afterward and voila! OR eat under with lower carb now and keep what I've got going on (maybe with a lower dose though)

As a side note I am going to get my bf% tested on Wednesday to see what my starting point is more or less.

I didn't just start taking this without reading but I am amazed how many conflicting reports there are for females. I just signed up here and it seems to be the same theme which is use this only if you are already low bf% and at the lowest dose possible.

Maybe it is the bodybuilding mindset to go from best possible physique to a "better" one with male why not go from kinda fat to look great naked with that assistance as well? (Risk vs benefit I suppose huh)
It's exactly risk vs benefit. There are side effects that come with the use of male hormones whether you see them or not. A lot of competitors I know won't use 20 mgs., myself included. More is not always better. Var can increase cholesterol, in addition to being one of the most faked drugs out there, so the risk of sides become greater.

Women can be harsh and catty but honestly the theme is correct and it's meant as a protection. You may not see the repercussions till later down the road.

Most of us who have been in the industry a long time know that advice is often not taken and that's ok. It's irresponsible of me not to tell you what I've said. Just be careful and stop immediately if negative sides appear. Acne at 2 weeks is a red flag.
Thank you. I appreciate your reply. I cut back to 10 mg a day after reading your first post. See how things go and evaluate the goals/benefit with the risks.
Let us know how it goes. Good luck!! :)
Thanks for the post girls. My gf is 24 and very new to weight training. She wants to jump on var right away so I'm trying to gather all the info I can to help guide her correctly. Thanks ladies! May your gains be plentiful!
I'm doing a cycle right now of var as well -
Week 1 5mg
Week 2-7 10mg
Week 8 5mg
So far so good although I was hoping to get leaner too so I get that struggle 😜. I tried bumping it up to 15 but my voice got raspy and I sing so that's a big no no lol. 20 seems like a lot be careful - it seems like there are a lot of smart experienced people on here to help you - so kudos that you reached out. Hope my tidbit helped Ya ❤️! Keep everyone posted on your progress 😊😊😊
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