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Comments on my diet wanted


New member
Hello, I just subscribed to this forum but I have been reading along for a while now.

I am 29yo, 177cm about 70-71kg right now. I have been actively doing sports almost all my life but never did any serious weight lifting. I started Stronglifts 5x5 about a month ago and my goal is to get stronger and gain some lean mass while building a good base. I am happy with the strength progress so far but I don't see any big difference in my physique yet. I understand Stronglifts is more strength focussed but I would still like to get the most gains possible.

I am determined to follow the 5x5 program for as long as I make progress in strength but I also would like some input from people with experience in terms of nutrition. I hope some of you can give me some tips on how to tweak my diet. 1 month might be too fast to see visible results but I want to get things right from the start. An example of my diet below:

1 cup oatmeal
2 eggs
200ml low fat milk
(1 scoop of whey protein on training days)

Morning snack:
1 apple
1 tbsp peanut butter

150gr of cooked brown rice
100gr broccoli
150gr chicken breast
cooked in coconut oil

1 small pot cottage cheese
a handful of berries

Post workout:
chocolate milk with 1 scoop whey protein

150gr pork loin
100gr asparagus
1 large sweet potato
cooked in coconut oil

I calculated my maintenance calories at about 2400, currently I aim for 2800 on rest days and 3000 on workout days.

Any advice is more than welcome, looking forward to your comments!
I don't think the 5x5 routine is primed for building muscle but that is up for debate. Either way it's a great routine to build your foundation on and it would be a unnecessary to fixate on as you say it has been working for you.

When you say you calculated your maintenance, was it through a calculator or personal logs?
In my experience, calculators are often way off target and I need to play it by ear when trying to gain/lose weight.

What's your macro breakdown?

1 month is not enough time to notice significant changes but if you bulk aggressively, your body will definitely reflect that (negatively).
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