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best strength steroid cycle

dose the EQ 500mgs
test 200mgs
and then add in an oral kickstart
right now, you need to focus on getting your body fat down in the right range so you can run the cycle properly and in a healthier way... higher body fat equates higher side effects... so that should be your focus right now
I’m looking for the absolute best strength steroid cycle
currently 5’10’’ 194 pounds and 18% body fat and 27 years old
don’t care really about how big I get, just want some strength gains
I’m currently benching around 275 pounds
heard good things about EQ as a strength steroid. Just not sure how to use it. Used steroids in my early 20’s but haven’t used them in 4 years
you want strength you go with anadrol or dbol with test. You arent ready for tren but maybe next time
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