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Beginner here

Hello everyone. I recently joined the community. I, too, am a beginning. I’ve come here to seek advice. Looking for a decent starting workout program as well as information on to build muscle and so on. Something “simple” enough to get good outcomes, as well as someone to explain.
Thank you in advance.
Losing weight depends mostly on nutrition, being in a caloric deficit. Burning energy and getting more muscles (which burn more energy) helps. So basically any program that gets your heartrate up and you enjoy enough to stick to for a long time (multiple times a week) will do. And remember it takes time to see progress (you probably didn’t gain the weight in 6 weeks either ). If you really out of your energy quickly, you can use supplement that can help with this. i've used horny goat weed from vital herbal for over 2 months, very pleased with it. something that actually works. u can try it
80% of weight loss is diet. That should be your starting point. The program you choose should depend on things like what you enjoy doing and your fitness level at the moment. I got injured during a high intensity program last year so, even though I really enjoyed it, this year I'm doing a more strength-based program, which I am also enjoying a lot
Easiest place to start is to start actually tracking your food. Then find a program that you enjoy that's effective and find a form of cardio you enjoy or can at least tolerate. I’ve been taking Sotalix Turkesterone this for about 15 days now and I feel like it works great! I’ve added two pounds without gaining fat, I’ve increased my lifts, and I have more stamina and energy! Highly recommend!