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Before/after photos after using rad140 for a month


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The new SARM Rad140 looks really promising.

@wags on posted his blood work before and after using Rad140 and his testosterone levels doubled with no increase in estrogen or prolactin.

I decided to take the plunge and order 2 vials from I just finished the first vial. A lot of people are using a dosage of 20mg/day but I used a dosage of just 10mg/day to save some money and make each vial last a full 30 days.

I live in Canada where the only way to get blood work done is through your doctor. I wasn't able to get blood work done but I had all the tell tale signs of a big increase in testosterone levels from using the supplement. I gained about 3 pounds during the month and I noticed a big increase in recovery, strength, libido and fullness of my muscles. It's hard to tell with photos but there is a big difference in my physique from a month ago.

Before photos:

After photos:
Looking great, good progress.
I definitely see a difference - the chest is fuller, the shoulders bigger...RAD140 is indeed a very interesting compound. One trait that I especially like about it, is that it will increase testosterone levels, but yet it will not affect the prostate. In fact, it can even minimize the effects of exogeneus testosterone on the prostate, making it an awesome stack for testosterone. How was the libido effect in comparison to testosterone?
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