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Aromatization of...

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I am not as familiar with tren as perhaps I could be. Does it aromatize to estrogen at all or have progestagenic sides? I did a search and it did not turn up anything (I am not a platinum), as well tren is not used in medicine so there is nothing about it in textbooks that I can find.

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Doing searches through google, I found some online BB articles that say tren does not aromatize at all, nor undergo alteration via 5 alpha reductase. It is a derivitive of nandrolone, and so is said to bind more strongly to the progesterone sites than even progesterone itself. Since it does not aromatize or undergo 5 alpha reduction, it enters the androgen receptor site as its original molecule.

I am not sure how credible the BB articles are. They quote literature sources and have various supposed peer review journals in their footnotes - but who knows, I could not find the actual articles they quoted and as anyone who has writtena high school paper knows any person can make up literature sources to flesh out a paper knowing few people would try to look up the sources quotes.

Anyone have anything really credible on this subject?

Also - for some reason I had the idea that tren was only detectable through urine for something like 5 months, whereas nandrolone was detectable for like 18 months. I am not a competitor and am not going to get tested, but I believe if metabolites are still detectable in your body then there is still compounds present that can suppress the body to some degree. Does anyone know for sure how long tren is detectable in the body?


tren gyno is caused through progesterone not estrogen. mostly vet stuff will come up since it used for cattle(finaplex) if u do a search on google. however some bb uses for it will appear. it is very popular these days so just search around the boards. u will find plenty of good info on it. goodluck