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Adding RAD/GW to TRT

That would be a great stack man. Just focus on your diet and training even more now. Check out and Umbrella Labs.
Dylan covered you. Only use our forum approved sponsored sources like and umbrella labs!
I’m here to help not insult. I’ve blasted every AAS you can think of. We’re close in age and formerly close in weight……I was 6’1 245. TRT approved but passed, starved myself and ran for a year, down to 220ish.

(Respectfully), before you jump on anything else…..put down the fork a little bit, stay active, don’t drink. 215-225 is perfectly attainable for us tall (relative) dudes even in our age.

Also, quick question for you…..when u started TRT, did you start at 200mg/wk or have they/you taken it up over the years? Cheers,

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