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Abs, Abs, and more Abs!


New member
im sure you lifters already know this but i just want to pass it along to for those who dont train abs as much as they should.

i went to the chiro today to get my lower back checked out, and after looking at the x-rays of my side view shot of my spine he noticed something that is not normal on a 19 year old kid. he also noticed that i had alot of muscle in my lower back and not enough in the front. so in otherwards he told me i needed to do more abs to even it out. it might not fix my problem but it might be able to prevent one.

the reason of this post is that i just wanted to inform you guys and to preach to you about doing more abs so you wont have this problem that i have. im gonna try to hit abs everyday i train. cause at the rate im going i dont need this to happen.



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i better get to work on my abs!..... i'll make sure i do some tomorrow..

Now what can an imbalance in lower back vs ab strength cause? Im sure a little imbalance like that can really mess you up in an 800 lbs squat..


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Amen, brother! My core is probably my biggest weakness so I am doing abs religiously to get my strength up. One thing to not forget when working your abs is the obliques. You must have balance in all of the muscle groups that make up the core.


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and dont forget your lower abs also. sorry screwball i should of mentioned that earlier along with the obliques. you dont have to do them to look pretty. do them with weight to get strong.