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A year long cruise

I don't think you reached your potential at all you still have a lot of work to do
you are a man and you have the right to do what you want with your body so I say go for it do 200 milligrams of testosterone with some VAR
many of the guys telling you not to use steroids a year are on for life thats the hypocrisy
steroids don't work at low dosages the same way
Better to cycle them right for 12 weeks instead of going a year at low dose
please give me some advice on a year long cruise that I can do for my next cycle
I’m 168 pounds and 5’10’’
skinny but I have potential according to my friend to be a good bodybuilder one day
Currently training five times a week and I’m eating 2,800 calories a day
my thoughts were doing test 200mgs + Primo 200mgs + anavar off/on in 10 week increments
A year a long time bro
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