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weight gaining

  1. M

    Weight Jumps

    Today my friend asked me what's the reasoning behind weight jumps and we couldn't find the answer. So I'm curious and want to find reasoning behind it. In the morning she weights 54kg and 57kg in the evening. Ofc it should be higher in the evening but not that much. Especially if she eats...
  2. B

    need some advice with my cycle

    hi there im after some advice im just about to start taking dbol and wanted to if there was anything else i need to take with it to get better results im 27 6,2 and 196lb
  3. M

    The Right Way to start steroids?

    Recently a friend suggested starting roids to gain mass. He sold me 21 tabs of anadrol 50 and had me take 1 tab a day first week, 2 tabs a day second week. I worked out every night for those two weeks, minus a couple nights.. i was producing good lifts, eating well, drinking water etc etc...
  4. B

    Generally, how fast should I progress in weight.

    Hey EF just had a quick question, i know everyone is different with the progression of weights but I was wondering GENERALLY, with a proper routine ( im doing westside il post it below ) and a diet of eating mostly healthy things but eating like a horse (seefooddiet) :D how quickly should I be...
  5. ThePVangler

    New to Everything...

    Help Me Get Jacked!! Hey, im relatively new to weight training and I have a few questions. First of all I am 6'1 and 155 pounds. And I am trying to gain a lot of weight, my goal weight is 185 and once i get there im sure i will want to hit the 200 mark. When i go to the gym i do a ton of...
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