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  1. O

    Need advice on Slin/ diet routine

    Hey guys, just fyi I suffered some severe setbacks health wise for a bit an now I'm working to regain it. Heres my info. I'm diabetic and hypogonadatropic. So I regularly take insulin an have to take test (200mg) every month. Do to my other setbacks I lost alot of muscle mass and gained alot of...
  2. Andalite

    Awesome opportunity to get some information on Strength Training

    Firstly, I hope none of the moderators have a problem with me posting these links out here. This is NOT intended to be SPAM and I sincerely hope I am not breaking any of the forum rules. This is just something I came across since I am a subscriber and I figured it would worth spreading the word...
  3. F

    Cycling for MMA? and Sermorelin Acetate

    what are the best steroids for mma training?
  4. S

    Need help need suggestions

    im 5'9" 225lbs. I just finished a test e cycle and post cycle. I went from 255 down to 225 while gaining strength and losing 30lbs. My goal is to get down to 185 lbs. Im currently taking sarms-s-4 at 60-70mg per day. I run 4miles every other day, and weight train m-w-f. I also grapple on cardio...
  5. C

    Looking for Trainer / Training Help

    Hi. Looking for a good experienced personal trainer in the Long Beach, CA area. Not just another typical gym trainer, been there, done that. Someone who has exp in BB and knows routines to get big. Also, help with encouragement in sessions. Paid, ongoing training. Any ideas of where to find a...
  6. samo615

    Book Recommendation

    There is a lot of great information to read on this site. Sometimes it's nice to hold a great book in your hand or to give as gifts. Does anyone recommended any good books on the topics of weight lifting, training plans, bodybuilding diets?
  7. H

    Natural Testosterone question

    Hey guys, I heard that sprinting for short periods puts your body in an anabolic mode/increases natural test production: like sprinting 50 yards, stopping, then repeat once your feel ready, but what iv been doing is running for 20 mins, then sprinting 3 times in the midst of the run...would...
  8. A

    Silly Question...(s)

    Questions.. sorry! Firstly... does it matter where/how CEC are undertaken depending on initial certification? I'm a detail oriented person and I've been researching this and not been able to determine.. Also - why does it not matter where the initial cert is obtained? And is it cool that I...
  9. P

    training on beastrol

    hy guys, i have been on the beastrol starter stack for 2 weeks now which is also my first ever cycle but i am a little unsure of how to train on steroids. my workouts feel good and i am a little stronger but i normaly train something like this:- monday- chest tuesday- shoulders wednesday- arms...
  10. B

    Looking to Start the Journey!(BlackHanzo)

    Ok Here’s my Story, I’m 20 years old, I am 196cm tall or 6 Ft 4 I Weigh 108Kgs I am Samoan, Pacific Islander From Wellington New Zealand I am a Rugby Player, Loose Forward similar to a Linebacker in Football I am leaving for France next week for Rugby Contract, over there I’ll be training...
  11. P

    seeking thoughts on training software

    A question to personal trainers and trainees- would you or do you use a mobile phone application or other software to track training and progress? I'm talking about something where trainers can set up workouts for their trainees, and trainees can record their progress such as exercises, sets and...
  12. R

    Training w/ high test levels

    Hey I just have a brief question. I just got my confirmation testosterone results back today, meaning this is the second test that showed similar results. They are naturally supranormal, the lab normal range for this was 300 to 1000, my first test came back at 1323, and the last one at 1348...
  13. A

    my new training routuine any good???

    ashe555's Avatar Join Date: Dec 2007 Posts: 62 AMSpace Points: 654 Friends: (0) Leave Comment Rep Power: 17 ashe555 is on a distinguished road View Profile Question my new training routuine any good??? Hey, I'm 21 85 kg carrying abt 17% BF diet includes 3500 cal And recently started a cycle...
  14. P

    Weightless Strength Training?

    I'll be going up North for the summer, and my weight set would just be too heavy to take with me. Is there any way I can continue to train up there without weights or with some makeshift ones? Your input is appreciated... I generally do 3 sets of 6 reps, right now with weights ranging from...
  15. ThePVangler

    Training For a Triathlon and Bulking?

    Hey, I am currently working on bulking up and i am doing very well. But I have been challenged that I will not be able to complete a of course I have to prove them wrong. Plus I am way out of cardio shape, and I would like to be able to run a faster mile. I was wondering what I...
  16. D

    WSB question about working up on speed day

    I read a lot of articles on the westside barbell method lately, trying to perfect my routine. But there's one thing i'm confused about. On speed dag for bench press, 20 out of 200 reps should be heavier than the 60% 1RM (i'm a raw bencher) for speed work. I'm finding two different views on this...
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