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testosterone enanthate

  1. F

    Testosterone enanthate vs. propionate?

    25 years old 5’10’’ 183 pounds and 12% body fat Built good but lean too. I’m looking to do a first cycle and have some questions about which testosterone to pick I know they are all the same thing, test is test blah blah . but What would you recommend if I had to choose between enanthate and...
  2. V

    Help with sex drive on cycle

    I'm using 1000 mg a week of testosterone total. I'm stacking testosterone propionate and testosterone enanthate together 500mgs each. Dosing 250mg 4x per week total I’m also using adex 1mg per week spread out why is my libido in sex drive dropping on cycle when it should be going up...
  3. S

    Measuring Testosterone in IU in order to use insulin syringes (with big needles)

    Hey guys I need some help from experienced pinners who know their way around the different units there are. Unfortunately I messed up preparing my Test E cycle along with HCG (and Adex). I read that HCG is best injected with insulin syringes. As the place where I bought the syringes has the...
  4. V

    I Want to Start T (Vancouver)

    Ive done all my research, the only problem I have left and it's driving my crazy is that i dont know where to buy from, I know a site from the U.S that is trustworthy but I can't risk that because I'm on probation and canadian customs are strict. How should I go about getting what I need I live...
  5. B

    Test e Mast e and Anavar Cycle Advice

    Just finished my second cycle of Test e 500pw and Anavar 40mg ed. Gained 2 stone exactly and huge strength gains but time will tell what my net gain will be. I am looking at a new cycle starting December 1st. My plan is this: Week 1-12 Test Enanthate 500mg pw Week 1-12 Masteron Enanthate...
  6. B

    First Cycle Log and Advice 250mg Test Enanthate

    23rd May 2015 Hi! I have spent the past few years reading others posts and gathering informations on cycle advice. After 8 years of training natural I am taking the plunge and have decide to start my own log to hopefully help others in similar predicaments as myself over the past few years...
  7. B

    Advice from the vets

    Tren Test Cycle with proper PCT Stats: Age: 23 Height: 5' 10" Weight: 180 with about 8% body fat Ok gentleman, so I've spent several hundred hours researching proper cycle/ PCT techniques, through research and personal experience, but would appreciate some specific advice from the veterans out...
  8. K

    12 week Test E, Dbol, EQ cycle.

    Stats: 198lbs (90kg) 12 - 13% BF 6' Training 4 years, (last year has been full on no bullshit dedication) Bench: 308lbs (140kg) Squat: 400lbs (180kg) Dead: 484lbs (220kg) Cycle: 1 - 4, 30mg dbol 1 - 13, 500mg Test E 1 - 12, 600mg EQ 15 - 18, Nolva 20/20/10/10 15 - 18 Clomid 50/50/25/25...
  9. northerntrust

    Test-Enanthate thats making me %#+*&^

    :D I've done several cycles and all of them I ran a test with so I'd consider myself fairly experienced as far as testosterone is concerned. I've never experienced anything like this enanthate I recently started a few weeks ago along with some EQ.. All I can say is WOW!!! Hit me like a...
  10. Lou Super Man 123

    Critique my monocycle of Test E 500 @ week

    Hey guys, how you doing? Liam here, this is my first thread, I'm posting my data so you can critique my cycle and plan. I have some questions too, hopefully some of you guys can help me with that too. I'm being as specific as I can ---Info--- -Age = 26 -Height = 6’2’’ -Weight = 220 -Bodyfat =...
  11. Jigga14

    Testo Beast- Monkey on a Rampage Log

    Hi everyone, First off i have to say that I love this awesome community, so many good bros and good info, I hope to learn and contribute as much as possible. Been hanging out here for almost 6 months, getting ready to cycle. I believe in doing it right, and using the lowest dosages possible...
  12. S

    My first cycle. .

    Hi! I am a 26 year old man from Norway. Been training good for about 2 years. 3-4 times a week. 180cm tall and 75 kg. I just want to know if my cycle seem ok, and if something is wrong please advice me. . I have started a test only cycle. testosterone enanthate, inject 2 times a week (500mg...
  13. M

    First Inject cycle! TEST E & WINNY. PLEASE TWEAK

    hey guys this is my first injection included cycle. I've done two anavar cycles in the past. I'm hoping to gain a lot of size and strength while cutting down body fat. here it is please tweak as necessary. Thank you AAS: 1-12 TEST E (250mg 2x per week) = 500 per week total 8-13 winstrol 75mg ED...
  14. B

    ready for my first cycle

    hi im jst about to start my first cycle but first would like a bit off feedback and some extra advice before my first pin! firstly a little bit about myself im 25 , 5'11 , 172lbs , ive been ttrainin religously for d past 2 and 1/2 years ive done 1 ph cycle and have been research AAS for at least...
  15. P

    Requesting Subject Matter Expert Advice

    First and foremost I would like to thank everyone on here. This is my first post, and this site is amazing. I look forward to reading all of the threads. I've spent the last 3 hours navigating on here, and it is a wealth of knowledge. Having said that, I couldn't find what I was looking for...
  16. N

    It's been since Sostenon was in preload's and I need some advice!!

    I'm an ol'school anabolic outlaw from the days when we learned cycle theories from the Anabolic Reference Guide, Dan Duchaine and word of mouth results from the trial and error of others. Sos-250 preloads and human grade gear was everywhere and one of the biggest dangers of gear market was not...
  17. bringingthewood

    What is the Best Testosterone To Use in a Cycle - If Money Wasn't an Issue?

    I've done research but I'm really confused on which Test to grab. (If money wasn't an issue) Should I use one of these or something else? Testosterone Enanthate Testosterone Cypionate Testosterone Propionate Sustanon 250 Prob stacking it w/ Anavar, Tbol or both. Thanks.
  18. 1


    just wondering where i can get some 23 gauge 1" and 1.5" needles online. a reliable and safe source of course and also if there are any common stores that i can get them at. thanks
  19. W

    Test E + Dbol Cycle

    Whats up guys! I am going to start a 10 week cycle in january to bulk up more. 1-10: Test E 250mg/ew 1-4: Dianabol 30mg/ed or maybe 50mg/ed This will be my third cycle. the reason i am shooting only 250mg/ew of test is because my last cycle i was shooting 600mg/ew and got acne/bacne and i dont...
  20. W

    Test enanthate? Real or fake??

    Image - TinyPic - Gratis foto's delen en afbeeldingen & video's hosten Image - TinyPic - Gratis foto's delen en afbeeldingen & video's hosten Image - TinyPic - Gratis foto's delen en afbeeldingen & video's hosten
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