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sustanon 250

  1. K

    More steroids or less?

    Hello all, i’m 26 years old 6’1’’ 170 pounds and 13% body fat Have been weight training 4-5 months I’m 6 weeks into my first cycle and I am doing: Sustanon 250 3x per week, 750mgs total Dianabol 10mgs 3x per day, 30mgs total Adex 1mg 2x per week Not seeing the types of results i was looking for...
  2. F

    Bloated face on cycle

    Hello I'm halfway through a Sustanon 250 and deca-durabolin cycle. the bloat in my face is getting pretty bad and my girlfriend is even laughing at me about it. I asked a buddy of mine what to do and he said I should be taking a diuretic to flush the water out and he says that's what he does...
  3. J

    Sustanon 250 from geneza

    hey has anyone tried you sustanon250 from geneza pharma and what were your results? my buddy said that there has been a lot of fakes lately of sustanon because a source overseas got busted and took down a lot of the legitimate Products off the market. I like to run the blend of esters what do...
  4. M

    Post contest cycling

    I've done several contests and I've always found it interesting that after my show is done I lose motivation and lose a lot of games as well. I believe it is just because my goal setting goes away and I have to clear my mind. So I came up with a new plan this time, doing a very short cycle post...
  5. M

    Using first cycle of Sustanon 250...and not feeling a thing ?

    Hi...after a lot of research and training for 5 years naturally i thought of starting a test only cycle to get to next level. So i thought I'll go for Sustanon 250 once a week for 12 weeks. I got legit sustanon 250 from pharmacy ( in India its sold by Zydus Pharma), and got pinned by a Nurse...
  6. Q

    Sustanon 250 and tren acetate

    Hey everyone, I was curious about running a cycle I am 5 feet 7 inches 180 lbs looking to put on some mass. Ive been lifting for about 4 years on and off. I have sus 250 and tren acetate 100mg per ml My question was can i run 50mg monday wednesday and friday of tren acetate making 150 mg a week...
  7. X

    I Need Help for My 3rd Cycle

    Hi I did change my mind about my 3rd cycle and now im planning 14 weeks to gain Lean Mass+Strength (but mostly for lean mass) cycle. And i d find a original sustanon and primo from my friend :) (he is a pharmacist) CURRENT STATS Last cycle was 2 years ago This will be my 3rd. cycle My body is...
  8. A

    Sustanon / t3 / clen opinions

    Hi Guys, I have been working out since 3 to 4 years and i have done few cycles in past with dosages 500mg of sustanon alone and 500mg of test e with 300mg of DD, Anavar and test E and also followed my pct protocol. I have taken 5 months timeoff after my last PCT. I am lean and muscular with 13...
  9. N


    So this is going to be my third cycle and im about to start in a month and I'd like to ensure all my gear is proper and good to mix. I'm 26 years old 6 foot 170. Here's my cycle. week 1-4 sustanon 200 deca 150 week 5-10 sustanon 350 deca 250 week 11-12 sustanon 200 deca 150 week 10-14 Anavar...
  10. D

    2 week break mid-cycle for vacation?? Recommendations?

    Currently on a cycle of sustanon 250. 250cc every 5 days. Started 7/18/14. Vacationing in Mexico for 2 weeks starting 9/09. That puts vacation occuring at week 7 of cycle. Need recommendations as to what I should do during that period. Should I cut the cycle short, start PCT during that time and...
  11. T

    First Injectable Cycle - Input Please!

    Well, this is my first post so I thought I might as well make it a good one, asking for help and advice. Here goes. So, I have decided to take the plunge and dive into injectable AAS. I have a fairly experienced history with oral cycles, including SD, SD/Tren/Stano, LMG/DMZ/Stano, and a...
  12. P

    2nd Cycle advice..... (with a little history)

    Good day Gentlemen.... & Ladies. Quick Bio: Age. 30 Height. 6ft Weight. 82kg BF. 9% Training History. Seasoned Trainer - Clean ie Food & Sups. Cycle History. One 10 wks. Sust/Deca 1ml/0.5ml every 4Days. Dbol 30mg ED. Results were great. Strength and Mass gains were better than I expected...
  13. I

    where to find sus 250?

    My buddy gave me 50th shot of sus250. I can't find any legit sites to order from. Don't want to get locked up get some fake shit. Please om with me if anybody knows where!?
  14. L

    Sustanon 250

    Hey guys I'm posting to get your input and critic so any suggestions will be appreciated. I'm 25yrs old 6'2" bout 200lbs training for 2+ years. I've ran pro hormones before ie h-drol havoc and mdrol with success but never any real gear. Also developed a small case of gyno on the mdrol but not...
  15. A

    Sus250, Equipoise, Dbol

    Hi guys, Just looking for any opinions on my cycle im currently running, 750mg a week Sus250 weeks 1-14 400mg a week Eq weeks 1-12 Dbol 40mg /day weeks 4-8 (Drinking Grapefruit Juice with it for longer half life) Current stats are as below: Age: 24 years Weight: 95kg Height: 188cm BF%...
  16. S

    Sus 250, EQ, Dbol

    Hi guys, Just looking for any opinions on my cycle im currently running, 750mg a week Sus250 weeks 1-14 400mg a week Eq weeks 1-12 Dbol 40mg /day weeks 4-8 Current stats are as below: Age: 24 years Weight: 95kg Height: 188cm BF% 10.5-11.5% Been training for roughly 6 years consecutively and...
  17. B

    Second cycle review sus/npp (+ winnys ?)

    Hey guys, i'm 5'11'' 23yrs old and weight 185, at 11% bf. Got a good diet with approx 3600 calories 230g prot and between 350 - 450g carbs. My first cycle was prop/npp and it did great, i was thinking of doing a sustanon/npp second cycle, at 500mg sus per week (250 twice a week) and 350mg NPP...
  18. C

    Sustanon 250 Question

    Happy New Year everyone. I have been a lurker for quite a while. Anyways, at my gym a few guys are pinning Sustanon 250 ONCE a week for the unforeseeable future. They say it gives them a little extra boost as they are not looking to get much bigger but keep their current gains. They have done...
  19. L

    Sustanon 250 (Organon) Label Teller

    Hi folks I've been treated for hypogonadism since 2002, following testicular cancer. While I've seen a change or two to the packaging of Sustanon 250 vials, I haven't really seen any siginificant changes to the vials or vial labels themselves. However, in the last month or so there has been a...
  20. V

    Sustanon 250 and deca cycle

    hi guys a few questions here but before i ask them i just wanna say i have done my own research and am not looking to get spoon fed there's just a lot of contradictions out there with different answers for the same questions so answers or links are appreciated. current stats 6ft, 88kgs, 25yrs...
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