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  1. R

    Is 250mg Sus + 100mg Test Cypionate + 300mg NPP+Deca per week for 10 weeks a good 1st Cycle? If so any advice on PCT and when to start and duration?

    Hey Guys N Gals, Is 250mg Sustanon + 100mg Test Cypionate + 300mg NPP+Deca per week for 10 weeks a good 1st Cycle? My plan is to pin 2x per week but my weekly totals would be 350mg test (5 different esters with sus and Cypionate) & then 300mg NPP+Deca (which from my understanding is a short...
  2. J

    anavar simple stack female

    F 28 5’7’’ 124 pounds medium build but lean anavar is one I want to try. Any suggestions for dosing and sources to use? Would 10 weeks be too long?
  3. A

    40 year old mild steroids

    I'm looking to do a mild steroid stack this time. A bit about me I am recently divorced and I have three children. I have custody of them on the weekends so I don't have time to work out then. I can only work out during the week what is a good steroid cycle that I can use where I can work out...
  4. D

    Sarm stacking look below

    I was wondering what you thought about my stack below that I'm going to be doing for 8 weeks I'm going to be doing nutrobal mk-677 at 25 mg a day then I'm going to stack with it lgd-4033 around 20 mg a day I'm currently eight percent body fat and I weigh around 160 lb. my goal is to get...
  5. Z

    Heart rate going crazy on cycle

    I'm running 500 mg of testosterone enanthate I'm 28 years old I'm 5 foot 5 in 178 lb body fat is about 17% while on cycle my heart rate is getting elevated and when I lift it goes even higher. I have an Apple Watch and it tracks it. My heart rate gets well over a hundred while I'm in a set. Is...
  6. L

    What are your favorite sarms

    as the thread title says what are your favorite sarms of all time and which ones do you like to use. Perhaps it was the sarm that helped you break your all time running record or the sarm that had You looking the best in the mirror. was it a single sarm or was it a stack. Just looking for some...
  7. H

    Sarms for fat burning

    I am a large man. Right now my stats are 34 years old, 5 foot 10 in, 245 lb. My body fat is somewhere in the 30s. I don't work out very much except I play some basketball. I plan on hitting the weight room hard though on the stack. Which sarms should I run to help me burn fat on the way
  8. the small soldier

    1500mg / but multiple low dose compounds?

    Has anyone tried doing a moderate to high dose cycle but made up multiple compounds at lower doses to minimize sides of individual drug side effects- say 500 test 400 primo 300 Eq 200 deca 100 tren ace? Something like that? I’m curious because I run deca at low doses 200-300mg tagged on to...
  9. P

    Best AAS to stack with Cypionate for strength, cutting/leaning out?

    As title says. Im on 210mg/ml a week of test Cypi. Want to increase strength while dropping body fat. Which would be best to stack on top of the test and which source? Back in the day I was all over IronMagLabs forums but haven't been in the loop for several years. Now Im back only to find IML...
  10. N

    Should i stack tren a or dbol on my short cycle?

    Title says it all. Im looking to run a couple 2-3 week short cycles followed by a couple weeks of pct and a couple weeks off before starting the next one. This is simply because ive had a hard time getting my HPTA back online for my last couple cycles, my last one resulted in me losing the...
  11. Pillar

    New Guy - Advice on Stacking Tren+Mast+Testoviron Depot

    Hey Guys, New guy (24) here who's been tracking the 'site for years and I can honestly say I've gained respect for quite a few of you gentlemen. I grew up in a household where everyone did Test. However where everyone had their obstinate beliefs (Like all orals are fake...), I kept my...
  12. C

    my element sarms gw - s4 12 week log

    Hey guys I'm I just got my 3 bottles of gw aswell as s4. I'm not sure if you can mention companies but I'll abbreviate it just in case "ES". It's a new company from what I see and haven't found much of anything on them and got a a killer deal. Anyways I have never ran any sarms before so this...
  13. T

    Test E, Primo, Anavar, GH and Proviron Stack

    Hey guys so this is my first post here - been observing for a couple years but I thought I may as well delve into this since all the posts I've read here have been really informative. Little background information: 28 Years old 5'11 200/Lb 18%BF My fourth Cycle - Previous cycles have been...
  14. L

    Best otc test stack/booster

    I'm a 33 year old male, 160lbs, been working out for almost 9 months now. Looking for an OTC test booster to help me put on some more mass and maybe cut some fat. What is the best OTC Test Booster??
  15. L

    Test Stack Rx no. 17

    Does anyone have any promo codes for test stack no. 17? I'm a first time user, don't want to spend money on 3 bottles in case i dont like it. All i need is 1 bottle and the only price ive seen per bottle is $200. Pricey!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. O

    Clen/T3 Cycle Do's and Dont's

    Hey y'all, I'm new to any form of AS, and now on my 2nd day of Clen (40mcg) and planning to start T3 tomorrow, but am really caught off guard by the shakes. Being 6' and 200 pounds (male) I don't think I'm on a very high dosage and wanted to up it to 60mcg tomorrow, but don't think this is...
  17. D

    SARMs triple stack daily timing + Andarine (S-4) side effects on vision

    Hello everybody :cool: I'm looking through several PEDs forums, so please don't crucify me if you see a similar post elsewhere, OK? :rolleyes: I'm about to run the well-known triple stack of Ostarine + Andarine + W-501516, but there are two critical topics that I need to get better focused...
  18. G

    Tren first time!??!

    I am 6'2 300lbs. I am looking to do a stack of Tren and Test cyp for the first time. What would be a good mg/cc to go for per week? M W F Tren (How many cc?) And Test cyp Monday and thur (how many cc?) Please tweak if you think there is a better stack for my criteria. Looking to cut some fat and...
  19. F

    Need some help with a cycle

    So my Doctor just put me on 300 of cyp every two weeks. Based on the reading on here, a good stack revolves around N2guard, Need2Slin, and HCGenerate. Anyone care to weigh in? In terms of working out I'm overweight, but I workout regularly, particularly with endurance workouts....I'm already...
  20. B

    Rs-Transaderm on cycle

    I've been searching like crazy now I say fuck it. Essentially I would like some opinions of whether or not taking Rs-Transaderm on cycle is beneficial. Feedback will be greatly appreciated.
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