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    Gaining more weight supps

    I'm looking to try a supplement that will help me gain more weight I'm currently around 138 lb and I'm 5 ft 10 in. I'm extremely skinny for my height according to all the online calculators I have seen. I don't have much muscle on my frame and I also have very little body fat. I would like to...
  2. B

    Skinny guy sarms run

    I’m a skinnier guy seeking to use sarms My goals are of course to get more muscle mass and bulk up more. right now I feel like I have muscle but you can't really see it if I have a shirt on I have to take my shirt off if that makes sense I’m targeting some of the more stronger sarms like rad140...
  3. R

    Getting rid of worms

    I am very skinny and i think i have worms in my stomach When i eat, they steal away the food so it prevents me from gaining weight Is there a supplement that will help get rid of these worms?
  4. K

    Best way to use YK11

    What does YK11 do? Is it going to help me grow bigger? I’m 24 year old 6’1’’ 145 pounds Very lean and skinny Skinny guy with abs lol Yk11 10mg a day for 12 weeks, is that a good stack or should i add in something else?
  5. M

    Need help with biceps

    what is the best way to build the largest biceps of my life I've always had those skinny arms and it would be cool to go to the gym and walk around with the big arms that I see other guys have. I watch them work out and I haven't been able to put things together on what they're doing that I'm...
  6. L

    Best supplements for growing

    I'm a skinny guy I'm only 140 lb and I want to take something that's going to help me grow more muscle but I don't want to get fat if that makes sense can you give me a couple options that I can take a look at that aren't more than $100. my goal is to put on 20 lb in the next year
  7. T

    How do you eat so much while working all day

    I work a construction job and I work from 5 a.m. in the morning till usually 4 in the afternoon. I only get one break in the middle of the day this is the best job I could get being a parolee heck I'm lucky to even have a job with my record my issue is I'm super skinny I only weigh 155 lb...
  8. N

    workouts for skinny guy

    Hey I am very skinny guy but I have a lot of heart. Not the size of the dog but the size of the heart of the dog right? My stats are 6’2’’ and 140 pounds. Very lean, my arms look really skinny and it is a joke. How do I workout properly to grow my body so people stop laughing at me. Best...
  9. G

    first time and confused sarms

    This is my first time messing with sarms and want to get it right but confused. Need one of you experts to help me. My goal is burn fat and build muscle at the same time. I’m 25 years old 6 foot tall and skinny fat. I have been working out for 5 weeks so far, not seeing any results
  10. T

    LGD 4033 >hardgainer cycle log/advice ?

    Hey everyone. I'm submitting myself to science here, and recording the data for any hard gainers out there interested in a bulk. BG: I'm 26, 170pounds, 5'11" and have been lifting for almost 2 years. It's taken ages to put on weight, and walked around at 155 for most of my adult life. This is...
  11. L

    im 16% BF but people think im skinny and on heroin

    hey guys, So 2 years ago i got sick of being a skinny dude and went about building some muscle. I was clean from crack and brown now about 6 months and was already gaining some fat. I am what u would call a ectomorph that can gain fat but not muscle so easy. I became hooked to the iron game...
  12. L

    I'm 6'4 was 132 I'm up to 153 and I'm in search of knowledge/help

    Okay I'm sure I have not done enough research to make very one happy I do read and if j knew where to start I would gladly do my homework and like the title says I'm not here to be called dumb or any other name I'm openly admitting I am here to seek knowledge anyway here is my dilemma I started...
  13. B

    Skinny guy-hgh/diet/training advices needed!

    Skinny, quick metabolism, 6ft 2in, 11 stone (154 pounds or 69kg) Looking to put on a fair amount of muscle but not anadrol Type gains. Going to use a high hgh dose I think with lots of protein, food and training. Maybe some anavar... I don't want the heavy sides from hard anabolics. Please can...
  14. S

    Want to bulk up!

    Hey guys, First off, thanks for taking the time to read this, I'm quite new to bodybuilding, and really appreciate any and all the advice I can get. So the problem for me is, I'm very skinny, have been my whole life, and would now like to add some pounds. I'm wondering what meals I should eat...
  15. T

    Should I try HGH?

    Im in my mid-twenties and even after two years in a serious routine I am still really skinny :worried:. Ive been on high protien diets and supplements, Ive even worked out with an experienced juicer who pushed me to my limits. I can keep a LITTLE weight on if I spend all of my money on food, but...
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