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  1. D

    How often a week do you train?

    I'm trying to develop a split that works best for me. Right now I have a Monday chest day Tuesday back day Wednesday shoulders and abs day Thursday quads Friday arms Saturday rest of legs Sunday rest. I showed this to someone and they said it was too much to do. I don't know I'm writing do...
  2. L

    cannot even walk to train

    What do you do on leg day when you cannot even walk lol? I am doing a steroid cycle using propionate and acetate esters. I am having to inject atleast every other day. Well when I inject my glutes or quads I am sore for 2-3 days really bad where I cannot walk, so how do you guys juggle that...
  3. R

    leg routine that won’t kill me

    Gosh I hate doing lunges, they really are tough on my body and make me sore. I get sore in my hammy’s, quads, and groin all in 1. but they are really good to work me hard. Great for my heart rate too, I notice they go up. Problem is I feel like they are no good on deload days and wear me...
  4. M

    Advice on alternative injection sites

    I need a new alternate injection site. Usually I rotate my glutes and pecs, but I had gyno surgery a few months ago and the whole area is sore and covered with scar tissue. So I need to pick something else. I've tried looking up info on alternate injection sites but I still have some questions...
  5. Bruvstar

    How to Inject Steroids Correctly.

    Hey everyone, As promised my Steroid Injections 101 Thread. Video footage will be added to the bottom of this thread on the weekend and during the week. ALL IMAGES ARE SHOWN AS LINKS IN THE CORRECT PLACES THROUGHOUT THE TUTORIAL, BUT ALSO AS ATTACHMENTS. TO VIEW IMAGES THEMSELVES SCROLL TO...
  6. Jennifer.B

    Quads and Hamstring training Advice?

    I was hoping some of you could give me some training advice, with legs. Which is my least fav body part to work out.. I'm happy with everything on my body and how I train them, but legs still need improvement, to my standards at least. My calves are pretty muscular, that's not so much a...
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