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    Setup my split routine

    can you please help me split up my routine I’m looking to do something a little different My initial plan was push/pull/legs. But i am bored with that Want to change to a 5 day split. How would you do it? Do i do arms same day?
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    Push and pull lifting

    I read in a bodybuilding magazine while I was on an airplane about split routines and they had mentioned pushing and pulling routines being a good option if you want to keep things balanced. My question is on leg days how do I incorporate this and is this a good option long-term or is it...
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    Best split routine to follow?

    If you had to choose between the following split routines which would YOU personally do and why. I just want to hear some opinions on this. A: Push/pull/legs B: Push/PULL C: Chest, Arms, Legs, Misc/abs/etc keep in mind my gym is a typical franchise style gym where I have access to...
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    question about 3 day splits

    I am setting up my push/pull/legs 3 day split. I am planning on doing push monday, tuesday rest, wednesday pull, and thursday rest, then Friday leg. Off weekends and some cardio. This may seem like a dumb question but is doing just 3 times a week weight training productive for someone like me...
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    Broke with dreams of strength training..

    Hello everyone, I just started college and wanted to start strength training. The only catch is after tuition, books and car insurance, I am poor. really poor. oh, and I don't have any weights! I've narrowed down some of the exercises into these categories: pushups squats pullups leg raises...
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