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domestic supply

  1. Z

    don’t use any other source except domestic supply IMO

    I would never recommend my worst enemy use anything from anyone besides my dear friends at domestic Supply! I’ve used them now five times for multiple orders of all sizes. I’ve also ordered a couple for my brother-in-law who also loves their products and loves their gear. I’ve used many...
  2. B

    domestic supply has it all for real!

    These guys are no joke, they have everything you could possibly want. I was running test, tren, and cialis and my sex drive was crazy on this like I was 15 again. This is a 57 year old man who is divorced and depressed talkin here. First time in years I felt young and I felt like I had...
  3. G

    domestic supply test and tbol stack

    so I did a domestic supply testosterone cypionate and a tbol stack ran 25mgs of tbol along with 250mgs of testosterone Was a very mild cycle with very little side effects I really enjoyed it I was able to get some nice pumps in the gym when I carb loaded ahead of time highly recommend using this...
  4. J

    question about domestic supply USA shipping

    how reliable and fast is domestic supply USA shipping? I’m an American and would like to order from them but I’m not sure if they actually are domestic or if they claim they are and they really ship it from International also how much do they charge to ship domestic and can I ask them to require...
  5. G

    another good domestic supply cycle

    was looking for nice mild lean gains decided to do a domestic supply run with primo and anavar did 500mgs primo for 12 weeks. And did anavar for 8 weeks in the middle of it tremendous cycle and successful overall put on 5 pounds of lean gains and lost body fat too
  6. R

    domestic supply cruising with testosterone

    wanted to do a cruise in between cycles using testosterone my plan was 200mgs a week of a cruise for 12 weeks after a 12 week cycle then going back on another 12 week cycle I can say that this testosterone from domestic supply has been outstanding I’ve been able to maintain all my games for my...
  7. T

    foolish to use anyone else aside domestic supply

    no need to even look at another source Domestic Supply is Simply the Best every time I place an order with them I get a tracking number within two or three days at the most before I can even blink the products are in my mailbox. Super fast shipping I absolutely love these guys
  8. S

    domestic supply fantastic results

    This is the third time I have used domestic Supply and this is the best cycle to date kept things really simple I did 600 mg we go primo and I did 250 mg a week of testosterone no problems with post injection pain and I pinned them both in the same syringe that really cut down on the number of...
  9. P

    anavar and tren from domestic supply

    I got on anavar and tren from domestic supply bordering was very easy shipping took a matter of days they have excellent customer service and making payment was also very easy I got on the cycle and it’s been 6 weeks so far I have gained about 10 pounds and my waist has actually gotten smaller...
  10. D

    my domestic supply cutting cycle

    I got on a good domestic supply cutting cycle and I wanted to share my success I was 20% body fat when I started. Got on primo, test, and anavar so I did it a little different. I didn’t kickstart this time instead I did anavar at the end last 6 weeks. Ran primo and test 12 weeks full ended up...
  11. M

    you can depend on domestic supply

    Ran into a major problem where I shattered several of my vials when I dropped them on the ground I was five weeks into cycle and I started to freak out reached out to domestic Supply and found out how fast their shipping was made my order and four days later my stuff was in route to me and I got...
  12. Z

    domestic supply quality masteron

    3rd time I’ve used masteron this time went with masteron prop within 2 weeks I was hard as a rock on this stuff previous runs with it I haven’t had much success and I suspect that it was fake or possibly under dosed this time with domestic Supply I was running 500 milligrams. Very happy with my...
  13. V

    domestic supply tren is #1

    tren provides me with the lean muscle mass gains that I have been only dreaming of. it makes me burn through all my food even when my diet isn't the best. it makes me cut up and it makes me extremely lean. I'm only using 200 mg and still amazing results this is very potent stuff i want to have...
  14. S

    Simple domestic supply test cycle

    Decided to do a domestic supply testosterone cycle I did 250 mg twice a week for 10 weeks just a simple cycle because I run higher Doses and other gear before and I couldn't handle the side effects plus my wife was getting irritated with my attitude and aggression this was a perfect dose my wife...
  15. B

    Won’t go wrong with domestic supply primobolan!

    This is a very late review but wanted to post it up I ended up getting 30 amps of primoboaln from domestic supply! it's a big order but I'm really excited to use their product notice that this Source was extremely organized and professional the whole way. This includes their reps on here. Thank...
  16. J

    Domestic supply no problems on their gear

    Over the course of my life I have dealt with a lot of post injection pain and also the post injection cough. it's not just happened with me on tren but also with testosterone too. I'm just very sensitive to it I guess With domestic supply trying their tren and test no problems at all with...
  17. L

    Domestic supply fast shipping and effectiveness

    My overall experience with domestic supply has been great shipping was super fast and their products have been amazing. I ordered their cialis, aromasin, and their testosterone E The three vials of testosterone that I am using are extremely potent. and I could feel them kick in right away. also...
  18. F

    bigger and harder domestic supply

    i decided to try a bulking steroid stack this time. this is the first time I have actually used deca and dbol together in the same cycle. although I've used them separately and had good results using them together and then stacking in some anavar and proviron was been amazing. I'm getting good...
  19. U

    Old leftover test from domestic supply

    I found some leftover gear from domestic Supply that's about a year old Its their testosterone cypionate and i’m looking to use it 500mgs a week for 12 week I’ve got just enough for a cycle. But i got nothing else with it Question is for you guys. Is this test still good to use? And what should...
  20. D

    Domestic supply DHB and trestolone acetate

    Had a question about a domestic supply products i was curious about I spent the past couple hours browsing their website and came across a couple steroids that they have that I'm not familiar with and that are not very popular I think Nobody talks about them The first is DHB and the 2nd is...
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