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domestic supply

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    Married to domestic supply

    Don’t use any other source until you have tried domestic supply They rock bigtime Greg took care of me. I was in a rush to get on letro and nolvadex after a bout of gyno i started to get. My fault for not using an AI, i knew I shouldn't have listened to that guy on social media who said not to...
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    First experience with domestic supply

    this was my first experience with these guys. I was recommended to them and I decided to grab some of their testosterone and also some of their equipoise Did 3 vials of each and did a long 16 week cycle ended up putting on around 8 lb of muscle Also my body fat stayed the same so overall was a...
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    Switched to domestic supply last minute

    My brother did an order through a source out of China and he used Western union. he was going there to send the money off and the cashier at the drugstore convinced him not to do it. I'm so glad he changed his mind because we both decided to go with domestic Supply instead They make things so...
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    Domestic supply EQ and test stack very nice

    Ordered several bottles of equipoise and testosterone from domestic supply second time using them in the first time when fantastic as well this time I ran the steroids for 12 weeks and I did 400 mg of each. my results were excellent I was able to put on six and a half pounds of good quality lean...
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    Domestic supply orals any good?

    I was wondering how good domestic supply orals were? Already ran their injectables for the past two cycles. I did their testosterone and I was very impressed with it so then I followed that up with testosterone and equipoise in a cycle Now I just want to do an oral only cycle and keep things at...
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    Domestic-Supply Domestic supply quality steroids

    Just want to report my experience with domestic Supply they have excellent service and they have a fast shipping program. I was shocked how fast they shipped my product. I ordered it and two days later it was in the mail. it took three days to get to me and it was priority and boxed beautifully...
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    Domestic supply testosterone perfection

    I was looking to take testosterone that my body could handle and not get crazy side effects and not get gynecomastia and water retention This testosterone i got from them was perfect. It was their test cyp and i got 250mgs per 1ML so it lasted me a full 10 weeks at that dosage. didn't have any...
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    My 2nd domestic supply cycle

    Just finished my 2nd cycle with domestic supply and it went even better then the first I ran testosterone and I did some deca durabolin with it. my dosing was 250 mg of each per week and then I added in some proviron to finish it my libido was incredible this entire cycle and I felt amazing. was...
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    My domestic supply (mostly positive) experience

    I ordered from domestic supply 2 things Equipoise and trenbolone. Decided to stack them together, heard good things about this stack from friends I did 200 mg of the trend and 500mgs of the equipoise and had good results for 10 weeks. Went from 208 to 216 and leaned up nicely. I’m 37 years old...
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    recomping with domestic supply

    one of the best sources you will find and honest. Their prices are very fair, i was worried about how much hgh would cost along with my cycle. The stack has been affordable and my results have been awesome with gaining muscle mass nad losing fat at the same time. very easy to get my stuff...
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    Domestic-Supply Domestic supply is a boss source

    I have to give a lot of credit to my pals at domestic supply for giving me a great cycle I ordered a bunch of their oral anabolic steroids and also a couple injectables including testosterone, anavar, and Winstrol First i stacked the test and anavar and had fantastic results next cycle I'm going...
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    domestic supply solid experience

    everything was perfect with domestic supply From ordering on their website, to shipping, to delivery. They said they would ship out the next day and they did when i messaged them. The products are also outstanding, i love their trenbolone, its no joke at all. try them out. ordering is easy great...
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    Domestic supply test and eq cycle great!

    I cannot say enough good things about my experience with domestic supply I am using testosterone 250mgs a week along with equipoise 500mgs a week With this cycle i am so happy because i feel great, very little side effects Domestic supply also has some great arimidex, so that limits any estrogen...
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    Domestic supply pharmacom, six pex or odin?

    I will admit I have never used any of these brands before between pharmacom, sixpex and odin But they are now the primary oral steroids available at domestic Supply I have used a lot of junk orals in the past and i know how scammy it is buying from online sources I want to make sure that these...
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    Why i love domestic supply

    So there are several reasons I love using domestic supply They are my go to steroid source *great website that has it all. Whether you need on cycle or off cycle products they have you completely covered *great service. They are always messaging me back quick. Don’t think they ever take a...
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    which domestic supply brand anavar?

    So I want to do 50mgs a day of anavar for my next cycle I am deciding between 3 brands from domestic supply. Can you tell me which one you have the most experience with? Its between Odin, Six Pex and Ultima. Cannot decide which
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    domestic supply HGH A+

    hgh is hard to find, legit hgh is harder to find. But these guys have the real stuff and its affordable. very trustworthy source. site is simple very easy to order. delivery was good and packaged perfect. i ordered hgh. results are impressive losing fat and gaining lean mass.
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    domestic supply shipping questions

    my products shipped from the northeastback last week and I’m in the midwest its still showing on the tracking thatit is en route but no updates in about 3 days. Does this mean my package was seized?
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    Domestic supply orals are excellent

    Just want to give a shout out to all the reps on here for domestic supply Dylan, Jason, and the others who helped give me advice I decided to go with dianabol with anavar this time. I did 25mgs of each. Was one of the best cycles i ran, also recovered quickly. My test levels rebounded to 700...
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    domestic supply website is A++

    I love they have not only every steroid you could imagine but also everything else you need on cycle or during post cycle I strongly recommend them they took care of me