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  1. C

    EQ vs. deca for bulking?

    I heard both equipoise and deca were excellent for bulking but I'm not sure which one you would recommend in my situation I mostly focus on cutting down over the past few years. I'm now down to about 14% body fat compared to being about 25 to 28% 3 years ago my first cycle was just testosterone...
  2. M

    Deca, sustanon 5 weeks into cycle questions

    so I'm currently 5 weeks into sustanon and deca durabolin cycle Sex drive is amazing Strength is way up Appetite is ridiculous.. All i want to do is lift, have sex and eat. What a great cycle my only complaint though is the water retention I'm experiencing. I have about 16% body fat and I am 218...
  3. H

    Only care about doing strength cycles!

    My goal is strength, don’t care about anything else. Was reading some cycle ideas online and wanted to go hard all in I’m 36 years old 210 pounds and 5’10’’ Currently benching 275 pounds and squatting 380.. All good form This will be my 3rd cycle My cycle i want to try 500mgs tren E 500mgs Deca...
  4. R

    Happy to announce the results of my napsgear deca stack

    Just got done with my first deca stack using napsgear I used deca, sustanon and tbol together It was an interesting stack and I ran it 12 weeks then came off. I did a 5-week PCT and then I ran a test booster for another 5 weeks. I kept most of my games ended up with 11 lb net also I would say...
  5. A

    Best ways to run deca ?

    What is going to be the best way to run deca duarbolin without having deca dick and problems in pct? I was recommended on another Forum to do 500 mg of testosterone and then get the decade dose around 250 to 300 mg. They also said i needed aromasin and caber with it do you think this is the best...
  6. L

    What can go wrong on a first cycle?

    I’m 29 years old 5’6’’ 167 pounds and around 8% body fat I am on my first ever cycle and I'm using testosterone enanthate 500mgs a week with deca durabolin 400mgs a week Also kickstarted things with some winstrol 25mgs a day first 4 weeks So far I'm having incredible results. Training my balls...
  7. om33

    Susta-Deca-winstrol+PEG MGF

    Hello, noob here looking for advice. I bought the stuff in the table below, planning to do a 12 week cycle: Susta: week 1-12 Deca: week 1-10 winstrol: week 7-12 I bought also PEG MGF, but I still don't know whether I can stack it with rest, and if yes where and how should I introduce it to my...
  8. C

    Geneza pharma testosterone and deca

    I’m itching to try a test + deca stack for increased appetite and great recovery from the gym My current weight training sessions are 1 hour and I am going four times a week Curious what would you stack with the DECA in terms of testosterone. should I go with a short Ester or long Esther and how...
  9. H

    Tren for an average joe

    I'm in no means a professional bodybuilder or anything I’m 29 years old 175 pounds and 5.8. My body fat is 15% previously I did testosterone and deca and it was a good stack. Put on about 10 pounds net Now i would like to try trenbolone. My idea was: Tren ace 100mgs EOD Testosterone prop 50mgs...
  10. J

    Lots of size on napsgear deca and test wow

    Never imagine I would get so big on one cycle did 12 weeks of deca durabolin and testosterone enanthate 300mgs of the deca and 400mgs of the test I worked out every chance i got, even on weekends. Ate like a madman, hit a few buffets along the way. Overall had the best results ever on any cycle...
  11. N

    Transformation cycle for cut

    I’m currently in my late 20’s I'm very tall 6'5 and I weigh 180 lb. body fat is around 10% . would like to cut down closer to 7 or 8% that would be cool. also putting on some muscle mass would be nice on my frame as well. I’m looking to use winstrol 10mgs 3x per day Deca durabolin 300mgs a week...
  12. R

    Mid cycle rapid changes

    I'm 5 weeks into my current cycle of sustanon and deca durabolin Doing 400mgs of the deca and 500mgs of sustanon. Pretty standard cycle. I’m not using an AI, i was told to wait until I had estrogen side effects before starting them. I've gained a lot of weight I would say no joke over 10 lb in...
  13. G

    Should i pick deca or anadrol for bulking?

    44 years old 6 ft 1 in 206 lb 13% body fat I was wondering about what you recommend for bulking if I had to choose between deca durabolin and anadrol. I’m thinking of using 50mgs a day of anadrol and 500mgs a week deca durabolin I know deca has to be ran atleast 12 weeks to see results right...
  14. G

    Bulking with eq or deca?

    is it better to bulk up with equipoise or deca durabolin? pretty simple question I will tell you a bit about me I am currently 29 years old and I have been training since I was about 15. I'm currently 5'7 and I weigh 167 lb. I can bench about 235 to 245 lb I would like to get stronger but more...
  15. D

    Deca and primo stack

    Hello everyone I'm 52 years old and I would like to run my next steroid cycle it has been about 4 years since I have done steroids but before that I would do them off and on for 15 years my full stats are 5'11 and I weigh around 195 lb my goals are strength and bulking I would like to stack deca...
  16. C

    35 and skinny

    I’m 35 years old and i think it is time to change my physique I'm 6'3 and 162 lb I've been pretty skinny all my life and consider myself a hard Gainer I wanted to do deca durabolin. some of the guys at the gym say that they bulk up a lot on it should I do 500 mg or should I up the dose...
  17. D

    Strength and size

    I'm going to go for strength and size on this cycle this time 5 ft 10 in 182 lb and 16% body fat Deca durabolin 800 mg a week super drol first 3 weeks only 20mgs a day Test cyp or E 400mgs a week Anyone run this type of cycle and did you have good strength changes
  18. L

    lean bulker stack?

    Interested in doing a lean bulker stacking currently around 200 pounds and 6’ tall my body fat hovers around 13% maybe a bit more would deca durabolin with some test be a good lean bulker? Or should I try something else like anavar?
  19. JimAbs43 Hardcore 2.0 #5 - Sustanon and Deca Durabolin Bulk - Euro Pharmacies Hardcore 2.0 #5 - Sustanon and Deca Durabolin Bulk - Euro Pharmacies
  20. R

    Geneza deca stack help

    Just want some help please with my geneza cycle First off am i okay getting their deca durabolin? Is it good quality? I’m 29 years old and using it for the first time. 180 pounds and want to gain 10 pounds of mass How much would you use?
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