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  1. bigdextreme74

    Approved Log BigD Supreme Bulking cycle - Testosterone, Deca, Anadrol, Dbol, Trenbolone, Equipoise, Masteron Log

    Hey brothers! I am updating my cycle and stats. I did not like how it posted (3 different posts) This is my first ever log. First a little about me. I tend to be a very private person and I don’t like a lot of attention. Hence, for me to put myself out there is a huge step. I was a tall...
  2. Z

    using deca, test and anadrol from geneza pharma

    wanted to report my results from my geneza pharma cycle so i decided to use anadrol to kickstart this stack had leftover deca and test E from a previous GP order results were very cool. First 4 weeks put on a quick 10 pounds of bulk then i put on another 6 pounds the rest of the 8 weeks to round...
  3. S

    napsgear deca and sustanon for size

    very nice bulking cycle so far I’m putting on some solid bulk so far on this stack I’ve been on deca and sustanon for 4 weeks only and noticing my lifts going up and my appetite is insane! I’m sitting here and posting this and my appetite is crazy and I literally just ate a meal I highly...
  4. M

    using primo for strength and size?

    Was wondering if using Primo would work for strength and size or is there a better steroid for that how about if I stacked deca with it? Would that work? I’m thinking of doing 1000mgs primo and then adding in 1-2CC’s of deca per week then I could also add in sustanon 500mgs a week the reason I...
  5. Z

    heavy dose cycle thoughts

    I’m doing a pretty intense cycle my stats are six foot two inches and 217 pounds 28 years old this is my 2nd cycle I’m on 1000mgs test cyp, 600mgs deca and also doing equipoise with some adex every 3 days I eat around 4500 calories a day and I do a 2 day split of push and pull which includes...
  6. Z

    putting on major muscle mass with deca

    some of the bigger dudes I trained with who are in their 50s are all recommending I tried deca they said that it will grow my muscles and get me extremely strong they said to run 2CC’s of it per week. Not sure what that translated to when it comes to mg and was wondering if you could help me out...
  7. N

    Deca and test for joints and size

    my main goals are joint help and increase muscle mass. Looking for the big muscle mass not the lean muscle mass effects thats why I want to go with deca and testosterone a friend suggested I do dbol as well do you think this stack would work well for me? Was thinking of 250mgs of deca, and...
  8. X

    contest prep bulk

    I’m looking to contest prep for bulk deca and test is what I was planning on However I know they may not be the best option for a contest if I’m going to bulk into it as I’m 160 pounds and 5 foot 11 you think that I could get away with using them or should I still use something else that’s more...
  9. Z

    low dose deca added to trt?

    I’m 52 years old and 270 pounds and six foot four I’m looking for help when it comes to joints I’m on 250 milligrams of testosterone for my trt through a doctor they also put me on anavar as well I’m experiencing some joint issues and I would like to know if I should talk to my doctor about...
  10. T

    bulking steroid stack and training changes

    I wanted to pick your brains and get some tips on my next steroid stack when it came to weight training I’m going to be doing a bulking cycle with testosterone and deca and I’m doing lots of it for 16 weeks I’m currently doing anywhere from 15 up to 25 sets per session and I’m spending half of...
  11. X

    help me choose a stack

    I’m 48 years old goals are shifted away from size and strength to more Aesthetics I’m 20% body fat and 5’8’’ 210 pounds need some help choosing the cycle for me its between A: test, deca, tbol B: test, primo, dbol which one would you pick?
  12. X

    why am I still gaining after cycle?

    So everyone said I would lose all my gains without a pct well guess what? I am 4 weeks post cycle since my last injection and I AM STILL GAINING! I started out 5’8’’ 166 pounds and now up to 183 pounds.. strength is still going up and I’m gaining weight still my cycle was deca and sustanon. I...
  13. C

    deca cycle for heavier guy

    I’m a bigger dude who wants to use Deca to help out with my joints and lubrication I’m especially dealing with issues in my rotator cuff when I go heavy on shoulder day it’s frustrating because I have improved so much I’m currently benching over 400 pounds I’m 260 pounds and I am 6 foot 3 inches...
  14. M

    getting disabled on test and deca

    so I’m only doing 200 mg of deca and adding in 250 mg of testosterone with it I’m noticing that I’m completely disabled on this stuff and I have no energy I feel like a houseplant in the corner that the sits there because that’s how it makes me feel wondering if it’s just my reaction to it or if...
  15. U

    using deca as a female

    seems like Some females really enjoy using Deca solo and they have really good mild effects one of my friends was 125 pounds and used only 50 mg a week and she said that she was able to gain about 6 pounds of quality muscle I’m 135 pounds and my main goal is more strength and more muscle. Do you...
  16. V

    how about deca and dbol for size?

    28 years old 5’7’’ 167 pounds and 9% body fat I’m looking to put on more size on my frame looking at doing deca and dbol together was thinking about 400mgs deca and 30mgs dianabol going for 12 weeks on the deca and kickstart with dbol only question is how much test would you run with this? I...
  17. F

    proper deca dosing for bulking

    someone told me if you want lean muscle mass on deca to run it 250mgs or less but if you want to bulk up on it then to run it 400mgs or more What are your thoughts on this strategy for me? I’m 5’8’’ and 177 pounds with 14% body fat want to gain about 10-15 pounds next cycle
  18. M

    deca for appetite, masteron for hardening

    I’m looking to do a stack of masteron and deca durabolin together I got the gear already and it’s going to be 500 mg of each I got enough to last me 12 weeks what else would you stack with this and should I be kick-starting an oral? I’m 5 foot 7 inches and I weigh 190 pounds 37 years old
  19. Z

    geneza pharma deca works well!

    I am a skinnier guy who started out at 165 pounds and 5 foot 9 inches ran geneza pharma deca and have had excellent results so far. First of all I want a tight is outstanding and I love this stuff because it makes me feel good and gives me a great mood very motivated to eat a lot of food and...
  20. X

    PSL deca with equipoise feedback?

    anyone try PSL deca? what about PSL equipoise? looking to stack them both together but want to make sure that you guys have experience using their products should I expect a lot of side effects or what I be safe using them if I was the stack 500 mg of each for 12 weeks
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