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    Increase in protein supplements

    I'm looking to get a supplement that can help me increase protein in my body my protein intake is currently 150 to 200 grams per day I would like to increase it to 250 would supplement would you recommend for me in the situation?
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    training abs and calves daily?

    Someone wrote that you can train the calves and abs daily just wondering what you thought of this and if it was true I’m starting a new training program and I plan on training legs and upper body 2x per week I can train daily if need be I want to get an 8 pack that is my goal
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    Napsgear review, very happy!

    I'm very happy with my decision to use napsgear I've been on their products for six weeks and my dreams are coming true getting the body that I've been striving for if I had known this I to use them a long time ago instead of the other sources I used
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    broken leg and lifting

    has anyone ever had a broken leg and still lifted? I have made so much progress and now this has happened. Would lifting my upper body alone be a smart strategy, it will be about 3 months till I can make a comeback.
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    You want to be in shape?

    This book help a lot when I was starting doing exercise, I hope it que help you too. Bigger Leaner Stronger The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body Book link
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    Four body-weight exercises

    Try these basic exercises : - Squat Standing with the feet about hip width apart, sit back in the heels and then stand back up. Ten-12 reps. Progressions include the one-legged squat. - Lunge Forward lunge bending both legs. Alternate sides, doing 10-12 per side. Progressions include jumping...
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    Need your Knowledge please

    forum sucks
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    BF more turned on by his own body...?

    Recently I've been really perturbed by the fact that my boyfriend is far more interested in his own body than in mine. I've realized that sounds weird, but let me give you an example. We practically live together, and whenever I'm getting ready/showering/etc naked, he won't even look twice...
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