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  1. Z

    how to get bloodwork on this cycle?

    I’m curious what is the best way to get blood work done on the cycle that I’m on deca, testosterone and trenbolone I’m four weeks into it and I’m getting some really weird side effects. Having trouble sleeping and dealing with a lot of issues with my heart rate going up which bloods should I...
  2. Z

    tren and eq together causing issues

    been using tren and equipoise together for the past 10 weeks got my blood work done because I was very fatigued during the day and I was having trouble sleeping half my bloodwork is off. I need a supplement that can help me get back on track I only have two weeks left in the cycle then I will...
  3. H

    Is this all normal on cycle?

    Let me tell you what I am using: NPP 300mgs Test 400mgs EQ 750mgs I went and got bloodwork done an several things were off. BUN Creatinine AST ALT All super high LH and FSH low I'm a big concern that something might be off with the gear? I’m 46 years old 5 ft 11 in and 217 lb and this is my...
  4. JimAbs43

    Podcast Hardcore 36 - Prostate, Blood work and doctor checkups to do Hardcore 36 - Prostate, Blood work and doctor checkups to do
  5. P

    Geneza pharma High quality brand

    I just want to say that geneza pharma is no joke the best testosterone I have ever used I'm doing 250 mg a week of their testosterone propionate. I am injecting 50mg 5x per week My bloodwork came back and i was >1500. I broke the cap of the number lol great product all the way and I...
  6. L

    275mg a week high for TRT?

    I went to an anti aging clinic and they put me on TRT without even checking my bloodwork lol. They put me on 275mg per week. Does this seem like a high amount or am I crazy? I admit I have no idea about this stuff but the doctor I am seeing seems like a moron to me
  7. I

    Best sarms cutter out there

    I’m overweight by about 50 pounds, if i can lose even 15 pounds on this next cycle I will be happy. They catch is I don’t want to impact my bloodwork Too much because I don't want to get thrown off testosterone replacement therapy from my doctor. What is the best sarm stack I can do to cut down
  8. O

    Getting blood work done on cycle

    hey I am on 2 different steroids right now Testosterone enanthate 600mg a week EQ equipoise 800mg a week I think the stuff might be bunk I'm 5 weeks into it and I'm not getting much results on this thing. my question is if I was to get blood work how many hours I need to wait after injection to...
  9. S

    Bloodwork after 4 weeks steroids

    Just wanted some input on this blood work I got during cycle. I'm using testosterone cypionate and deca durabolin 400 mg each. I'm using proviron 50 mg a day. my AST and ALT came in elevated. and my LH and FSH are at zero. my estradiol is at 49 which is a bit High and my prolactin came in low...
  10. A

    hiding steroids from doctor

    I have a two legged question for you. Let me cut to the chase I am on TRT and my doctor is super tough and if he found out I used steroids on top of that he would cut me off. My 2nd question is how can I prevent the doctor from finding out I use steroids, like what will show up on my bloodwork...
  11. P

    sarms and bloodwork

    I am on TRT replacement therapy testosterone and need to get bloodwork done with my doctor. He is already a tough guy with me so I don’t want to screw up the bloods and have him kick me off my script. What exactly should I watch out for when it comes to running sarms in relation to bloodwork?
  12. 1

    Understanding Bloodwork, Low T?

    Hey guys, Haven't posted on these forums before. Just looking to get some help from someone interpreting some bloodwork I had done recently. FSH- 1.0 iu/L [1.0-14.0] LH- 6 iu/L. [2-14] Oestradiol 89 pmol/L [<190] Testosterone 12.7 nmol/L [8.0-38.0] SHBG 12 L nmol/L. [15-100] Calc Free...
  13. K

    Test/dbol/deca/winni cycle Blood Test! (Estradiol/estrogen) HELP!

    Hi, guys just wanted to know how I can bring my "E2" down it has been a year and 2 months after my cycle which was: Week 1-4 - Dianabol 25mg Week 1-12 - TEST E 500mg. Week 1-10 - Deca - (nandrolone decanoate) 300mg. Week 11-14 (unitil start of PCT) winni tabs - 50mg. stopped taking it 1 day...
  14. A

    Lab test/bloodwork

    Hey guys - Ive got some labtest back after getting some bloodwork done, but im kinda lost of all the numbers to be honest.. I was in the situation, that i started my cycle with 250mg sust 200mgeq - i know very small amount.. 1-6 week Anyway i bump it up after not getting anything after it, to...
  15. M

    Does anyone know about hormone levels? I got my blood test results back

    About 1 year ago I ran 500mg of Test Cyp for 8 weeks stacked with 40mg tbol and 10mg of var for 6 weeks along with aromasin on cycle. And 5 1/2 months ago (last summer) I ran 10 mg of tbol a day for 4 weeks, I'm an easy gainer. I ran a pct (nolva/clomid) for both cycles but now, about 6 months...
  16. K

    TRT Blood work - Test went down?

    Hello, I am new to all of this (forums & trt) but I was told this is a great place to share and get advice. First off I’m a 30 year old male from Canada that has been struggling with a bad sense of wellbeing and lack of energy (just haven’t been feeling myself). I found out I have fairly low...
  17. T

    bloodwork w/ letro, help

    i uploaded my BW to imageshack I recently ran a cycle of H-drol had some good solid gains that I have kept. I ran triazole as an AI and also ran nolva. halfway through my nolva I got a lump under my left nipple and the right one was really puffy. the...
  18. D

    How long after cycle should I get bloodwork done?

    Hey guys, I already got a blood test done before I even pinned, but I want to know how long after cycle I should get bloodwork done to make sure everything is well.
  19. P

    Ordering Bloodwork for test and related hormones

    Hello all , I was just curious what are the names for the specific blood tests for total test (free/bound) , prolactin, estrogen, the whole schabang. I am leaving the country and want to get the bloodwork done before I leave. Thank you in advance for all repplies and i apologize if this...
  20. joncocktoaston

    Will EQ elevate a Testosterone blood test from doctors office?

    Heres the situation. Had one nut removed due to cancer. Other ones coo though. Been taking testim that my uroligist perscribed but asked my doctor to be refered to an endo dr. Im sure the endo will do bloodwork as well before perscribing any Testosterone so my question is, Will EQ elevate my...
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