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  • Zed you are tha man . thanks for all your help thus far. keep on helping others on hear you are a great freind to this site
    No probs Zed, I've been really well, still lifting but haven't been following a particular program just floating around. I've just finished reading Donnas log... how good is she!! What progress!! Oh and I thought I should mention that I'm still wearing heels.. ha ha ha
    Hi Zedhed, Ive just been reading Donna's log.. you are so helpful and she has really come a long way..It's good to read you are still around and helping everyone live their dreams.. Rachel
    Thanks for the advice on moderate walking as a way to rev-up a stronger workout. It really helped yesterday's w/o routine.
    what's brother Zed? just shot you some K to show my appreciation for all your help and motivation. You're a great inspiration to me and many others on here. Just wanted to say thanks my friend.

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