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  • Hi, bro. That code for Sarms1 would be appreciated. Also, would you happen to know of a discount code for Test Stack No. 17? Thanks either way!
    Hello Steve,

    You told me to message you for a code for hgh. I also have a question regarding the order process I put the stuff in my cart and then nothing happens. I can’t actually check out..... do I order through email?
    I'm up north right now but right when I get home in a couple days I'm talking to a lawyer right away cuz it's so fucking stupid what he did. I'll hit up mailorderhgh. How long should I run it for? Minimum 6 months right?
    I had a chip in my elbow and he cut through my tricep tendon to pull it out. Which is fucked because he never said he was going to cut through my tendon. I want to be able to crush the gym hard like I used to. I need my tendon to heal. Any suggestions to heal my tendon would be much appreciated. I have had a surgeon and pharmacist and a sport doctor tell me hgh would be my best bet. I am really curious what u and s couple other mods could tell me too. Thanks for getting back to me so fast.
    The last thing he said to me is I don't know why your tendon is getting better but you still look pretty big.... I couldn't believe it
    Hey Steve I need some help. Long story short a sergeon cut through my tricep tendon...... I am trying to figure out what will heal my tendon. I was thinking hgh what would be you suggestion. Any help would be much appreciated my elbow is so fucked up.
    Hey bro, I'm going to be buying some stuff from ntbm for upcoming cycle is it possible to grab a discount code?
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