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  • Hey Sonic, i sent you a pm a few days ago and i curious as to what your thoughts were. Hope all is well. BigJohn
    Hey Bro! Just seein how everything was going for ya. Did you figure out the best way to use the Expel? Mine just showed up today.
    Thanks for the butter info on everything man. I will be snaggin the fatloss extermination pack sometime next week! I also got those photos to take next week and I was wondering what your thoughts were on MHP's Expel, and some Ideas on lookin as shredded and as dry as possible for it. Thanks again bro!
    Hey what's crackin dude!? Hey how well does the Expel work for ya. I figure at 12.50 it might be something i could take for my after photos...let me know what you think?
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