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  • Castings is out of print?! Nevermind, if you call here I'll guarantee you can get a copy: Bell, Book & Candle, Dover DE (302) 678-4545. That's Ivo's store. I know they ship (also the place to go if there's something you want and have no idea where to get it, they'll know where to find it). There's tons of copies of Castings floating around.

    Shit, did I tell you about this place before? They have EXCELLENT new book prices and unbeatable shipping rates. Granted, not the most extensive library but definitely a first check for anything. They have several Penczak and DAN books right now: Discount New Age Books | Up To 85% Off New Books, Tarot Decks

    As to the other author you mentioned, I can't say I've ever heard of them so I can't express an opinion. However, I looked at a preview of the book on amazon and then next time I run across it I'll pick it up, it looks interesting! I recognize the cover ... one of the reasons I may have blown by it before is that it does reiterate a bit of info that I've got in other books but I saw the ancient Egypt stuff and our coven is working on that right now (blech, too heavy and formal for my tastes, all the more so considering I'm getting into shamanic stuff, talk about juxtaposition!)
    Sorry for taking so long on getting back to you. Best books/authors for "things to do":

    Anything by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki (she has quite a few books of just pathworkings and has an incredible workbook set, quite expensive but it's literally a "lightworker 101" starter kit, called "your unseen power" I have it, excellent for the solitary if you're interested in Western Magical style).

    Anything by Christopher Penczak.

    Anything by T. Thorn Coyle.

    "Castings" by Ivo Domingue, Jr. (this is a book of nothing but various castings, including simple how tos on grounding/centering and personal energetic control. It was written by the founding elder of my tradition).

    Thanks! Oh Georgia has a helmet law for sure. The lid was a big decision for me b/c I couldn't decide if I wanted a retro style to fit the bike or a contemporary looking one. Ended up somewhere in the middle.
    Well if you want books that give you things to do :D Oh there I can help you. If you want give me a shout. Sounds like you have yourself plenty busy and your hands full as it is.

    Hecate huh :lmao: My acting High Priest's patroness is Hecate. She can be a bit of a taskmistress :evil: Our tradition does a big ritual to Hecate in the very early autumn (I think it will be performed at a guest location this year). Very interesting, looooonnnnng ritual. Three priestesses aspect (which is like drawing down but the priestess is more "with it") the three faces of Her (maiden/mother/crone) and you can go to the goddess and ask a question/blessing or boon.
    I've read Sandra's first book (its super short, read 1/3 of it waiting to get my taxes done). Comes with a CD so you can jump right into journeying. She's a good introduction to the quickie nuts and bolts of how to journey, Harner is more the theory and history.

    Don't blame you for taking a break, there's plenty of times I wish I could take a for real one, we manage quite a few weeks at a time. Our coven's been doing Egyptian alchemy lately, frankly, it's not my cup of tea but it's only six more months. I way more connect to the shamanic stuff, little more visceral.
    Missed you girl! Studying a bit on shamanism these days (Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman). Fun stuff getting in touch with the Earth spirits.

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