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  • long story man--I will tell you when I get a chance.

    Samoth--value Goodwill/going concern (easy way) by assigning a value to everything else--then, what is left is goodwill--I have to do this all the time w/asset purchase/equity sales. It is usually good enough for the IRS--the problem is that you will usually be asked to minimize that number--that's the hard part.
    Aaaand ordered The Market Approach as well. tytyty, these will certainly help me in my pursuit of weirdness! :D
    Ordered Reilly's Valuing Intangible Assets as well. Any recommendations on how goodwill is valued and amortized (pre-GAAP 142)? I find the imparement thing hard to visualize.
    $53.97 from Amazon, ordered tonight. I will work through this book and PM you when I finish! Thanks, man. I work in a chem lab, so I don't know many people finance or accounting knowledge. Thanks!
    Any good suggestions on corporate accouning related to investors... specifically reading and deciphering the income/cash flow/balance statements and their interconnectedness, details on revenue recognition, company valuations, etc. Assume I have a heavy quant background and have worked through intermediate-level accounting textbooks ( Intermediate Accounting, 12th Edition (9780471749554): Donald E. Kieso, Jerry J. Weygandt, Terry D. Warfield: Books) and am looking to further my knowledge, but have no formal (i.e., university-level) accounting experience or training, nor real-world (corporate) experience. :)
    Got any suggestions/links for good accounting books/texts? Something intermediate level...
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