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  • I'd never forget about you! You're one of the few who can carry a decent, civilized, factual conversation :) oh and then there's the cow, gotta love the cow.
    visualizing the impairment of an intangible asset is a bit like trying to visualize what hell really looks like...if you believe in such a place hahaha...a wise man once said [i can't define what is pornography] but i know it when i see it hahaha
    it's actually a good read...and shannon pratt is recognized worldwide as "the father of business valuation"...if you like that book and it leaves you wanting more then, first of all, you ARE fucking weird and, second, i would then recommend his book the market approach to valuing businesses.
    get the latest edition of valuing a business...when you're done with that, hit me up again LOL
    dang! you are weird! lemme think on that a bit. but, with regard to valuation, you can't go wrong with any thing by shannon pratt, robert reilly and robert schweihs..."valuing a business" for example.
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