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  • You be the best girl ever! :heart:
    MM, thanks sweetheart, so true:heart:

    Hiya Jack, yep they are the cutest pups:) Prinicpessa is MM's spoiled little girl and laney is my spoiled little boy~lol~.

    Ariel, just let me know what the project is and I'll be happy to forward my thoughts:)
    Was wondering if I could get a little collaboration action in the future for discerning a couple of actors to play a couple of characters... I thought if we collaborated we could really come up with something dynamic. Won't be until this weekend though or next week, I'm behind on promises here and a little behind on grad work. Thanx BB.
    That is the most perfect picture of Mr. Laney I have ever seen, he is so adorable and regal, he would make a wonderful Prince! :heart:

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