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Do Fat Guys with Boobs Lose them when they lose weight?

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Do Fat Guys with Boobs Lose them when they lose weight? within the Elite Between the Sheets category.

Excerpt: I just saw some dude walking down the street with at 44 C cup boobs and he was fat. Would he lose those boobs if he dieted down or would he still have them?

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    A good amount should go...

    Somewhat dependant on how much is stubborn fat


    how much is gyno

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    Freak sigweed's Avatar
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    from what ive seen, its one of the last and hardest areas to get rid of

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    Da Pope
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    Originally posted by Bullit
    Curling - ask beastbear.

    I was overweight and now they are gone.

    But my love handles still provide a problem area....slowly on CKD they seem to be getting smaller.

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    Da Pope casavant's Avatar
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    Originally posted by curling

    Ha Ha Ha. No it is just weird seeing a dude with boobs. And I was thinking since it was fatty tissue they should go away. I mean that would suck if the dude dieted and worked out to lose weight and then he still had tits you know.
    High bodyfat levels can be a symptom as well as a cause of elevated estrogen levels, which in turn may result in gynocomastia. This would cause a disproportionate increase in fatty tissue around the breast/pectoral area and could make that fat hard to completely get rid of, even if the guy cut his bodyfat percentage down to acceptable levels. Even if he got shredded, he'd still have lumps under the nipple from the developed mammary tissue that would have to be removed with surgery.

    Then, there are a lot of guys who are just fat with fat titties, and if/when they cut down, they'll disappear.

    Hope I helped.

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