Looking for a little guidance on my diet.
Let me know what you think. Good or bad just looking for some input.
Wake up at 5 every morning
Eat an orange or apple and handfull of mixed nuts on my way out the door to work
7 am
8 oz of greek yogurt with some granola and rasberrys mixed in and a Bacon egg homemade burrito on wheat tortilla each burrito has about 2 whole eggs 2 egg whites 4 pieces of bacon and onions and green peppers

10 am
canned salmon or tuna wild caught and some pistacios

lunch around 1pm
Usually some left overs from dinner steak or chicken breast and some veggies and greens

3 pm protien shake from syntha 6 protien power

work out 4-5:30

dinner by 630-730 usually chicken breat or steak or pork chop or home made pizza. With a salad

This is pretty basic and basicly what I eat everyday some days it may change some but for the most part this is close