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Results of my 1-AD trial

Welcome to the EliteFitness.com Bodybuilding Site! Please join this discussion about Results of my 1-AD trial within the Bodybuilding Supplements category.

Excerpt: I was very excited about starting a cycle of 1-AD. I am 34 year old male, 200 lbs, have been working out for 12 years (natural thus far), and eat a healthy diet. I had read many reports of positive feedback from other users concerning 1-AD, so I decided to give prohormones one more try (I tried a bunch of them when they first hit the scene years ago – without any noticeably positive effect). I was taking 2 caps 3 times per day of 1-AD – with food. I have been taking it for 5 days and have

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    Wow! This thread that I started has caused quite the stir!

    Anyway, I just wanted to reiterate that my post was completely honest. I had too many side effects (see top of post) to warrant my continued use of 1-AD. However I am not saying that 1-AD does not work. Indeed it seems to work for some people as per the many positive posts that I have read. In my case the side effects were too extreme for me to continue. I received a refund for the product and do not hold any ill will against Ergopharm. In fact I am about to start a cycle trying their Andro Spray. Since this product gets absorbed through the skin I am hoping that gastrointestinal upset / painful urination will not be a problem.

    A few people flamed me because I reported the side effects that 1-AD caused in my trial. I think this is lame because it seems the purpose of this board is to help one another with our combined experiences. From what I have read it is reports like mine that originally prompted PA to change the formula of the original 1-AD so that it would be more tolerable to users (although in my case it still had too many sides for me to use, although I guess I could have gotten an old bottle – but since I have sent it back I don’t have any way to tell.) I would encourage everyone who reads these boards to post both their good and bad experiences with various supplements. Ultimately this helps everyone else to make informed decisions on which products to use, how to use them, and what to expect.


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    well put....

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    about the billyde's comment with the tampon thing... i mean.. it was immature and all.. but I was laughing uncontrollably on the floor when I first saw it.. heh.. i guess he was just trying to break thru the monotony..


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    TONY123, your initial post was very good but even better was your own comment about drinking water. I have taken 1-AD for a whole cycle and have not noticed the painful urination that some are talking about. However, when you mentioned the water issue I thought to myself,....I always drink lots of water when taking a supplement and during my workouts I get a good mouthful of water from the drinking fountain between.............each and every set of exercises that I do. Water is very good for the body and many people tend to overlook this basic element and the cleansing action it has for your body. To everyone out their, always make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and specially at workout time (of course the exception is the bodybuilder who's trying to rid excess water right before a competition, don't want to be bloated).

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