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Information on Testosterone

Testosterone is the building block of all steroids. It is a naturally produced hormone in the body specifically by males. This is secreted by the testes and is responsible for primary and secondary sexual characteristics in males. Some of these masculine characteristics are deepening of the voice; rapid hair growth especially on the face, legs and pubis; broadness of shoulders and narrowing of the pelvis; and production of semen for sexual reproduction. Growth of muscle and strength in men is attributed to testosterone. This is perhaps the reason why a scientist decided to extract and synthesize it for the purpose of treating pubertal growth deficiencies. However, it was soon discovered that testosterone produce extraordinary results on Soviet weightlifters who tried them out prior to a competition. Since then this compound had become a vital part of bodybuilding and professional sports.

Most anabolic-androgenic steroids are derived from testosterone. These are used to improve performance and induce significant muscle and strength gains. On its experimental stage, it was discovered that testosterone can increase weight from 2-5 kilos. There has also been a noticeable muscle hypertrophy with consistent use for about 10 weeks and a considerable amount of fat that was reduced. The fat burning caused the skin to tighten that defined the muscles which were further enhanced by the formation of new muscle fibers. Testosterone can also significantly increase strength to about 5-20% of the baseline. A minimum of 10 weeks on testosterone can already produce a considerable amount of strength. But then these results largely depend on the level of dosage and length of intake.

There are parts of the body which are susceptible to testosterone: the neck, the thorax, the upper arms and the shoulders. Androgen receptors are rather abundant in these areas. This is the reason why some bodybuilders look like inverted pyramids – wide shoulders that narrows down to the lower extremities.

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Side effects of Testosterone

The most common side effect that may be noticed at the onset of Testosterone usage is the elevation of blood pressure and could get worse for those who have a history of hypertension. Testosterone can also elevate cholesterol levels making the user prone to stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. Acne is also a very common side effect because of over active sebaceous glands stimulated by high doses of the compound in the body. Some users experience male pattern baldness especially those who have the genetic inclination towards this condition. Sexual dysfunction is also probable and can lead to infertility.

Estrogenic side-effects are not to be ignored. When the body has too much testosterone, production of the hormone will gradually decrease and will eventually stop. Free testosterone then converts to estrogen which in turn causes feminization effects in men. Gynecomastia is not an unusual occurrence for those who take testosterone at high dosage. This condition is the growth of breast tissue in men, enlarging the bust. It is also called “man boobs” in bodybuilding slang. Water retention is also an estrogenic side-effect that affects the muscle development. Water retention causes bloating which makes the muscles look smooth and soft rather than hard and lean. The massive increase in size is often caused by water weight.

Testosterone Dosage

Testosterone which is the derivation of almost all steroids it is a very powerful compound itself. So for those who are new to using it it is advised that you educate yourself about testosterone and steroid use. Unregulated amounts of this compound can cause fatal effects to the user. Ironically testosterone is also recommended as a starter steroid for newbies with doses around 500mg a week. Any dose beyond that can overload your androgen receptors. For those who have years of experience using steroids you can use up to 1000mg a week.

If you are going to use it in a stack, Primobolan is a good choice. It is a cutting steroid that does not aromatize so your bulking and cutting agents are balanced. You can use up to 300mg-400mg of Primo a week and lower your Testosterone dosage. The result of this combo would be a huge gain and well defined physique.

Buying Testosterone

If you are starting your steroid cycle you are definitely going to buy Testosterone. What you need to know is the best place to buy Testosterone. You can consider several suppliers. There is the local pharmacy. However, buying the compound here would need prescription. Underground labs definitely have Testosterone for sale. But meet ups and personal purchases can be a lot of risk as well. Your best option would be to buy Testosterone online.

Shopping online has become a trend and this goes the same with buying your products online. When you search for the best place to buy Testosterone you need to look for the most reliable supplier.

Testosterone Pictures

testosterone pictures

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