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Anavar - A Revolutionary Muscle Builder

Anavar - Oxandrolone

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Anavar, the common drug name of Oxandrolone, is one of the most popular steroids used for gaining muscle mass, strength and size by both men and women.  Anavar an anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) that causes least health problems of all steroids.

Manufactured by Searle Laboratories, which is now known as Pfizer Inc., Anavar was first introduced in the USA market in 1964. Before using Anavar, you must know the possible negative side effects. Unlike other anabolic steroids, Oxandrolone has two major advantages: 1) it does not convert to estrogen, which is a group of steriod compounds that functions as the chief female sex hormone and plays important role in the estrous cycle. Estrogen causes the formation of breast tissues (gynecomastia). 2) When uses in low dosage (10 mgs), Anavar does not have vital influence on the body’s normal testosterone production. But when uses in high dosages, the production rate of testosterone increases which in turns reduces the production of luteinizing hormone (LH). Due to this, LH fails to stimulate Leydig cells of testicles to produce testosterone and the ultimate result is the testicular atrophy or shrinking of testiculars.

Now let’s move to its useful aspects. Anavar is prescribed for treating a number of medical disorders that cause involuntary weight loss. In order to promote muscle regrowth, it is also used, though to less extent only, in treating osteoporosis cases.  Anavar is also prescribed in the treatments of alcoholic hepatitis, Turner's syndrome and weight loss caused by HIV. In addition, Oxandrolone is used by physicians in anaemia and hereditary angioedema cases.

Apart from these advantages, it is also advisable for every user to keep in mind its negative effects, like the prolonged use of the drug may cause liver toxicity problems or some of its users may report gastro-intestinal problems, even in small dosages.  Sometimes Anavar treatment may lead to serious and fatal liver problems too, though occurence of such cases are very rare.

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Because of Anavar’s somehow ill-effects, it is must for its users to undergo regular laboratory tests. Before the restrictions on the productsion, sale and usage of anabolic steroids under the Controlled Substances Act, the drug was used especially by women athletes. A usual Anavar dose of 20-30 mg provides elevated androgen, a steriod hormone that stimulates the growth and maintenance of masculine characteristics, levels up for about 8 hours. Bodybuilders stack it witrh other drugs to increase its effectiveness.

For bodybuilders 20-30 mg per of Anavar day is considered as a normal dose. But don’t take much then this as it may cause damage to liver. It is an advise that one sholud not take Anavar without the prescription of phyiscians. One can take the drug with a glass of water or with or without food. But what is most important is its regular intake for most benefit. Never take a double dose of this particular drug.  

Besides its up and downs, Anavar is the perfect supplement for those looking for hardcore muscle building from a non steroidal anabolic agent. Available in the markets under the brand name of Oxandrin, it is now produced by Savient Pharmaceuticals, Inc., which is earlier known as Bio-Technology General Corporation. Oxandrin biggest sellers are La Pharma Italy and British Dragon.

Being a revolutionary muscle builder due to its effect on increasing nitric oxide levels, Anavar is one of the favorite oral anabolic steroids in the fields of bodybuilding and powerlifting. The increased level of nitric oxide results to greater muscle cell volumization and fluid displacement between muscle cells, as well as increased protein synthesis.

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