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Got my first cycle going with rad 140 mk2866 sr9009 and GW501516, huge thank you for sarms4sale and for Dylan getting me set up correctly. I couldn't be more happy with my cycle and the professional nature of sarms4sale, fast shipping everything got to my door within 5 days time even had a hand written thank you note, cant beat the service of this company.
Ive never had a package late until now. Sometimes I hate USPS.

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this is not a condescending comment, but join the club... its a fucking constant issue with them and to top that off, they continuously RAISE prices yet add time onto their guarantees... notice that priority mail has gone from 2 day to 2-3 day and even then its late...
I have had the most amazing experiences with sarms4sale. From the handwritten note that comes with every order, to the speedy shipping, quick customer service response, top quality products and best reps out there, sarms4sale is far and away the best company in existence for sarms!
The site was super easy to navigate and the products arrived within a few days well packed and as promised. Will update after my cycle. Great Job!
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