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YK-11 will be here this BLACK FRIDAY!


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YK11 is quite honestly the most exciting research compound to have come along in quite some time. It belongs to a category of research compounds known as SARMS (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators). SARMs allow your research subject to get the benefits of an androgen with a marked decrease in some of the undesirable effects a normal androgen might induce. For example you might observe a marked increase in muscle without the usual adverse observation of an increase in liver values. SARMs also have a reduced impact on the HPTA, so unlike a normal androgen that would cause your research subjects HPTA to be shut down, while using a SARM you may observe simply a suppression of the HPTA. This is a very exciting property for you in your research! The phrase,” The good effects with significantly less of the bad” comes to mind!

This effect alone is exciting enough for your research purposes, however with the SARM YK11 it does not stop there, not by a long shot. YK11 also functions as an active myostatin inhibitor in your research subjects. Myostatin is a protein present in your research subjects which inhibits or limits muscle cell growth. By inhibiting myostatin the actual amount of muscle that your research subject can build is increased. The normal genetic limit is raised if you will. This is a very exciting effect when it comes to your research.

The thing that makes YK11 so interesting and desirable for your research purposes is the fact that it possesses this dual mechanism of action. While there are research compounds that work strictly as a SARM and some that work strictly as a myostatin inhibitor, YK11 affords you the opportunity to experiment and research with a compound that very effectively acts as both! This effect is, thus far, unique to the compound that is YK11. It is quite likely that YK11 could revolutionize research in your area of interest. Never before has a compound been introduced that possesses the dual effect of building more muscle while at the same time actually increasing the amount of muscle that can actually genetically be built and supported!

We are proud and excited to be able to offer you the best quality YK11 currently available for your research purposes!

Thank you for sale and product!

I have been looking into researching yk11 and osta with some test last few weeks.
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