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The Amazing SARM: LGD-4033


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I just wanted to express some of my thoughts on this amazing sarm for those considering it. My cycle of LGD 4033 was a very successful recomp. I lost significant bodyfat and I gained serious lean muscle which I kept after pct. Changes in the mirror and the gym came faster than I ever imagined. I started around 3mg and ended at 8mg after 8 weeks. Gains were very steady but seemed to level off at the end of each week.

IMO, the most efficient way to run it while getting the most out of your LGD is to start low and increase the dosage by 1-2mg each week. This will help you avoid adaptation as well as side effects. It will also keep the PR's coming in the gym.

LGD really shined while recomping but I think it has the potential to be a great bulker. Similar to some anabolic steroids, it greatly increased my hunger; especially for carbohydrates. Adding this compound to a bulking cycle would be the perfect way to kick off a cycle without the undesirable sides like bloat and lethargy that some popular "bulking steroids" would bring on. Not to mention, you'll have a much healthier liver after it is all said and done since it showed no significant changes in ALT/AST during studies.

Considering the price that we normally pay to run an oral steroid for 4-8 weeks, the price of LGD is more than desirable. Right now at Sarms1, there's a 25% off Halloween sale going on for LGD-4033 so you can get it even cheaper. It's definitely worth trying.
I've been using it along with GW for 3 weeks now. I love it. Going to throw in some s4 I've got laying around for the last 5 weeks.
I'm pretty excited to try out LGD in the future myself. It blows away Ostarine in terms of results. Sarms1 has a nice sale on LGD right now that everyone should capitalize on that's been considering it

Very excited to try this one out. 25 percent off is as steal.
Experimented with it when Uniquemical first put it out. Found that I started to make good size and strength gains when I started using 8 mg. Dont start dosage to low or you will be wasting it.
What are the sides and how suppressive is it? What was your pct?
It's more suppressive then the other sarms products,a full pct is needed with lgd included in your cycle
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For me I found it gave me horrible cramps to the point where I had to stop training

Never heard of this with Lgd but I always recommend cycling with taurine. Hit up mr supps and get it in bulk and use it every day
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