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Steroid strength choices

I have a couple options when it comes to steroid use
The first is point though is i want to get stronger. not really concerned about anything else except that
I'm currently 225 lb and I am 5'11. I'm 33 years old and I'm trying to set new personal records and strength
my two options are:
Trenbolone acetate + testosterone propionate. Pretty simple cycle
My other option is more complicated
Tren E + test E + superdrol or anadrol
Which would you pick?
If your not worried about anything but strength I would avoid the Tren train. Tren will make strength, but lots of risks come with it. Tren is normally used when trying to lean out also. Maybe use the the Test and superdrol or anadrol instead. Leave the Tren for a leaning cycle.
Id have to say that a Tren/Test Cycle with an Anadrol Kickstart would not be a bad thing but as some of the other guys have said, I would not use Suoerdrol as the kickstart..
Trenbolone ran with superdrol is a very bad idea. I would not do this and would look at using it with S23 and RAD140
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