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Hey, I am new, read chat rules, and literally probably am newer to the forum posting, but have been reading forums for information. Now I read there are some reasons to sign up for Platinum, but I would just like to hear from members. I would like to know other then the obvious benefits, what am I paying for, why do I want to sign up, and how much it has helped or basically what I can expect to get out of it? Let me tell you why I am on this site, if it isn't obvious, research, information, advice, and recommended products or whatever. As for me I am pretty good at researching, but as we all do sometimes its hard to ever tell who or what to trust..literally you go on the web and search for a product your buddy recommended, just to do your research, and there is always that person that doesn't answer and gives you their opinion about something they heard or something not really answering your question, or really just confusing you. Maybe they are working for a company and promoting a product, or just heard something from someone who heard something.. Point being, other then a friend in the gym, consistently seeing the same people, you begin to build a level of trust, and can weed out the bad from the good..or get advice as we are never to old to learn more.

Also, I apologize if this thread is not in the right place, I thought this might be appropriate. Also, mainly, I would like overall, my entire quest, has been to find a legit store to buy products from online. I use to have one where I grew up, small shop, privately owned, amazing supps, knew everything you could imagine, got in great with him, but lost touch and he changed his number and no longer is in that location. Basically not a vitamin shop type place, but a hardcore place online, and also maybe, good sites, articles, blogs, and also a place to go to research prohormones or stronger things as well. I one time read a blog from this guy, whom I have never been able to find again, he spoke of taking certain herbs to naturally boost your bodies test, and I actually liked it and they are healthy anyways. I remember a few of the herbs, grape seed extract, resveratrol, stinging needle plant, and the last I forget, funkugeek maybe, but I do not think so..the point is that it was a while ago, and for the life of me I cannot find that article, or really anything good anymore. Since the whole boost test naturally really became mainstream, the web is just loaded with a bunch of BS. A friend stupidly purchased somatrophinhgh from this website that was basically all herbs and some patented formula, for $100 a bottle and 20 servings per bottle. Unreal, then when you look for reviews on it, they actually made other websites to review the product, and promote it, and try to seem like they are being honest. I found out by seeing the support chat box, and it just happened to be the same exact chat box on both, and further research proved it was the same company. Now in that case, my buddy probably saw the first site, then looked for reviews, and he is a airhead no question, but then believed it and bought it..and when I would ask how it was going, knowing he was basically taking expensive piss, in the first week he was telling me how different and he could totally tell. If you know anything about those kind of products, PH, you know you feel nothing the first week, it takes 2-3 usually. I mean sometimes flu sick, or obviously depending if it releases fast then that's a different case, but usually get the flu sick with those. So clearly it was 100% in his head, I actually think he was a happy customer in the end of the day. Well I am not him, would like to know more about anything I can, and get any recs or advice, like a better havoc type product or 1Ad.

Please do me a favor and explain to me if this is sharing personal information or not, speaking about my workout is personal information, but to what extent? Basically is this all appropriate, and if not what do I need to do to not piss of mods and long standing members that continually get the new kid posting and overall disrespecting the site, the rules, the members, and anyone else.

Thank you for your time, I appreciate it as I could imagine this is two diff posts and such, but mainly trying to explain what I need to help answer my membership question.
Why you gotta write a goddam book on here?

just get platinum because its the right and moral thing to do
yeah, I knew I would get first day, I tried to cover every angle to not get crap, but I know better, your new, you need some crap..shows character.. you think thats bad you should see my profile, I feel like I am filling out a eharmony dating test to find my best match. So the chairman of the board has that to say..helpful, glad I got an answer somewhat close to what I was looking for..but then again, I also guess its self explanatory, so you answered my question, not sure if you meant to, but thank you....
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