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my friends today and for the rest of the week will be upgrading our store,forum, servers and everything. Throughout the week new features, new skins and graphics and all kinds of new goodies will be added to our store and forums. During this time you will experience times of technical difficulties. The store my look different, some times it may not work, the forums may change or may not be online and all kinds of different things may happen.

I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause any of you however we must upgrade my friends. NTBM has been in business 3 years now and we have come a long long way from our starting days. NTBM is now a world wide known company with products selling in sites and stores all around the world. We are in talks now with some of the largest distribution centers in the world and soon you will see NTBM products in every store in the country from mom and pop shops to major outlets .

So I feel that we must look the part. Not only that though I want to provide a experience to all of you that is unlike any other and is unmatched and untouched by any other.

Soon our forums will be the most interactive fitness forums the industry has ever seen. From being able to sign in with your xboxand ps3 gaming profiles to the all new Turn based RPG game fight club connected to every ones profiles. We will have it all. Self destructing pm's that delete them selves after they have been read, A karma system that will be worth real cash and real products. Completely self customizable profiles that will allow you to customize your profiles in thousands of ways that would be better then a myspace profile. Training programs, diet trackers, secret forums, games, gambling, and so many features it will blow your minds.

You will be able to give others karma for more then just one reason. Users will earn points from other users based off the kid of person they are. when giving karma to another you will have reasons for giving them the karma to choice from. Helpful ,knowledge based, funny, and more so that each persons karma points better represents the kind of person they are within the community .

WHAT ELSE?? We have hired a writing staff and the forums will be a wealth of knowledge beyond what they are already. More content on every subject pertaining to chemical enhancement and fitness.

And the first site in the world to have a completely revolutionary cycle builder program that will be built by yours truly and programed by my programers.

You will be able to tell the program your goals and it will start to build a cycle for you. Telling you everything you need from the cycle to the support sups and pct. Or you can start to build your own cycle and the program will finish it for you. Go into the program and tell the program.

I want to do a 12 week test/deca/dbal cycle. It will then ask you a bunch of questions and then boom spit out a complete cycle to include support sups, pct, what you should have on hand, optional add ons, as well as where to get all the supplies you need. And then it will auto create a thread in a forum for you so that others can comment on the cycle..

Over time you will start to see all these new programs bing added to our store and our forums my friends. Great things take time but the bulk of this will be taking place within the next 30 days.

For the store we will now be giving customer rewords points and customer referral points. Every 5.00 you spend will be worth 1 point and every 5 points will be worth 1.00 . you will be able to spend these points later or when ever you like. You can spend 5 points or spend a 1000 points how ever you like.

Customer referral allows you to make points off every order your referred customer makes. If one were to work hard and tell a lot of people about the company and products then sooner or later they could be generating enough points to never have to pay for there products again. This and many more features to come...

Thank you to all of you for your support in making this all happen. Love you guys
thats awesome - need2 pulls thru once again!!
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