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Need some joint help!


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Wait that didn't sound right! Settle down... Shoulder joint!

Ok, I broke my arm six years ago and had surgery to put it back together. 2 plates and 28 screws from the shoulder to the elbow. My problem is not the bone but my joints and i guess tendons. I have the muscle strength but the pain in my joints won't allow me to lift heavy.

After the injury I was so bummed that I gave up training and let my self go. I never really lost any size (6.1" @ 245lbs w/ 18.5" arms) just added a tire around the middle which is almost gone now. The pain in my arm and joints became my excuse not to train but I am back at it but need to fix this pain!!!

I have a female Pro BB that trains with my wife that referred me to a local Dr. that will hopefully prescribe me some decca. She said she would as alot of BB go to her, but my appointment isn't for another 3 weeks.

So, what would you suggest to help rebuild and train tendons and ligs in the shoulder and elbow areas?

Thanks in advance,
Common I know this thread isn't about politics, religion or pick3's love life or berries but I need some advice here!!!!

So help a brotha out!!!
holy crap, 28 screws, i recently had 8 put in my shoulder. i just started pt but i can relate to the joint pain. doc's say its healing at record speed, but nothing for the pain. tried the deca,didn't do shit, but your going on 6 years so it should help. sorry bro, let me know if you find anything
a good x-ray will show your doctor if the problem is in the joints...

if you are referred to a doctor ask him for an anti-inflammatory and joint regeneration meds...

deca will help but only temporarily